May 25, 2024

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Tensions are growing between airlines and the government over air restrictions

If the government decides to restrict the daily passenger entry from Esisa International Airport to 2,000 to 600 Changed the spirits of the airlines, The cancellation of a meeting scheduled for this Wednesday morning confirmed the deterioration of relations with Gaza Rosada.

On Tuesday night, the Ministry of Transport was summoned as the newspaper was able to reconstruct Peter Certa, Regional Vice President of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) for a virtual meeting scheduled for this Wednesday.

In addition to Certa, who made his public statement on the same Monday that the official restrictions began to apply, the Minister confirmed the participation. Alexis Guerrero, National Director of Migration, Florence Carignano; Paola Tamburelli, President of the National Civil Aviation Administration (ANAC), and Claudia is crazy, Ministry of Health Border Health.

The meeting was originally scheduled to take place at noon. Then it happened at 10am. Zoom link also shared. On Tuesday night, official sources explained that the IATA had warned them not to come out of the game. When they allowed it to change, they wanted the head of the cabinet to be present, Santiago Caffiro, According to sources of traffic it never appeared among the participants.

For example, the Minister of Coordination traveled with Eduardo “Wado” from Point Pedro to Andre Rios on Wednesday.

“Kafiro was never considered to be in the crowd. They have no real intention of conversing or working with decision makers in the area. We are ready for the conversation, which is why the meeting was set up, ”they stressed in the last hours of the Ministry of Transport after the meeting had already been canceled, expressing dissatisfaction with the association that amalgamates the airlines.

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According to official records, Certa’s last visit to the administrative offices was on September 9 last year: He met with then-Minister Mario Mioni – who died in a tragic car accident in April – and discussed with Tamburelli the protocol for implementing “resumption of routine operations” after the first wave of corona virus outbreaks.

Argentina is the only country with a limit of one day traveler“Certa announced in a radio statement on Monday that the new regulations would not apply.

In parallel, hundreds of Argentines have been affected by the move – which was rectified at least until July 9 – showing a growing mood over the government’s decision, which was defended by the head of migration: “They’re going to see it a little late to enter, nothing more than that,” Carrigano said..

Official records show that the vast majority of Argentines who have traveled abroad in recent weeks have done so to the United States or Spain.

In fact, in the early days of the new regulations, it was It will affect at least 45,000 Argentines who have left the country for tourism, Three ANAC-approved return flights came from Bogota, Miami, Barcelona and Madrid.

It was a drastic move, isolated and disconnected from the world. We had 9 flights a day until Friday, and now between 2 and 3 flights, thousands of Argentines will not be able to return to the country for several months, ”Certa added, adding that the meeting was eventually canceled before a meeting with officials.

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