May 20, 2024

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Douglas Costa

That’s why Douglas Costa will make Grêmio’s life a mess.

Douglas Costa will make Game hard to leave Syndicate. Next week there should be a meeting between the tricolor trend and the player’s crew to try to find a solution for the future. At the moment, there are a few clubs that really want to take the lead.

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He earns R$800,000 per month and there are incentives in the contract that can result in maturities of over R$1.5 million per month. As the GZH report noted, the player telling his close friends what he wants for 2022 surprised him.

His idea is to continue at the club, even if his salary is impractical in the second division. The contract lasts until mid 2022 and then there is a drawer agreement between the two parties, so that the bond is renewed. After all, officially, he belongs to Juventus and is on loan to Eternal.

The athlete understands that he did not earn around R$40 million from Juventus for his settlement with Grêmio. So, if the club wants to terminate the contract, it will have to pay Douglas Costa’s salaries at least until the middle of next year. Hardly any agreement will be accepted.

How much will it cost to terminate Douglas Costa?

Given that the contract is valid until June, six and a half months’ salary will be the value of the thirteenth month of 2022. Calculating that he earns a maximum of 1.5 million Rls per month, the owner of the three colors will have to pay about 9.75 million Rls.

Therefore, the club will have to pay a large sum, if we take into account only the loan agreement. If we take into account the period until the end of 2023, when the contract for the drawer expires, Grêmio will spend at least 39 million Brazilian reals.

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Photo: Lucas Uebel / Grêmio FBPA