June 16, 2024

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Coca praises the Atlético-MG team and praises Matias Zaracho: 'It's crazy' |  Athlete - mg

Coca praises the Atlético-MG team and praises Matias Zaracho: ‘It’s crazy’ | Athlete – mg

So Coach Coca Select the work of the Argentine attacking midfielder in Atletico MGIn 2021 victorious. The player, who was appointed in 2020 on the recommendation of Jorge Sampaoli, needed some time to adapt and showed all his potential in the current coach Gallo’s scheme.

Zaracho was one of the most prominent figures in Atlético de Madrid. In the list of foreigners, he was the absolute title holder with defender Junior Alonso. The Argentine saw that Nacho Fernandez needed more physical rest, and went on to play various roles, even as an open midfielder on the right.

When asked which player surprised him the most, Koca talked about the process of knowing the athletes, and the development of their relationship with Hulk, but chose Zaracho as the biggest surprise in the rating.

Matías Zaracho celebrates his Brazilian Cup title with Atlético MG – Photo: Pedro Sousa/Atletico MG

– Inside the field, that’s crazy Zaracho. He doesn’t appear much in the game, but he tactically thickens, fills in the blanks, and plays right wing, first wheel, and second wheel. Go to the left side. It’s a wild card . Koka said, in an interview with the channel the plate.

Kuka also took the opportunity to pay tribute to another midfielder, defensive midfielder Alan, who was largely responsible for monitoring the sector and letting go.

– He was a man I had the pleasure of working with. Inside the Brazilians, I got to know Alan. We’ve seen it, but we still don’t feel it. What a “player”, left-handed, clever, off the ball, defense. Right Gayer is married in technical style. It was really good. As for Arana, it is a horse that runs on the left side. Complete with keno.