July 20, 2024

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The army began distributing fuel in the UK on Monday – Spectator

The army began distributing fuel in the UK on Monday – Spectator

The British Army is beginning to address the shortage of carriers delivering fuel at gas stations on Monday, which led to the closure of several gas stations, the British government announced this Saturday.

Nearly 200 members of the Armed Forces, 100 of whom are drivers and emergency trainees, will be deployed to alleviate the long-awaited situation of refueling.

Despite pressure from the government and major oil companies in recent days, the situation is “balanced”. More than a quarter of the UK’s independent gas stations continued this Friday with empty pumps, According to the National Association of Retailers.

In a press release issued this Saturday, the Cabinet Ministry (equivalent to the Council of Ministers) stated that the 200 soldiers who are part of the Army Tank Corps will provide “temporary support” within the measures adopted by the government. Overcome the shortage of drivers.

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Despite the fact that the country “still faces challenges”, demand is “stable and is now more distributed than fuel sales”, the statement said.

More will be allowed Immediate temporary entry of 300 foreign truck driversMay stay in the UK to work until the end of March 2022.

He says he is taking other interim measures against the pressures that are affecting the food supply chain, which is being caused by labor shortages, which has been referred to as the “epidemic and the recovery of the world economy around the world”. Document noting Brexit, that is, leaving the European Union.

These operations include 4,700 food carriers staying until the end of October and the end of February, and 5,500 workers in the poultry sector who will be allowed to enter the country with visas until December 31.

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The government underscores that “the introduction of these temporary visas will not distract us from our commitment to enhancing the capabilities and wages of our labor market, but will recognize the extraordinary circumstances affecting the stability of the UK supply chain.”

Commerce Minister Kwazi Quarteng stressed that there was no shortage of fuel in the country, so people should “refuel normally” and not allow citizens to “return to normalcy”.