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Wesley Safado chose the vaccine to do in the United States and Mexico;  MPCE exposes fraudulent pronunciation - Metro

Wesley Safado chose the vaccine to do in the United States and Mexico; MPCE exposes fraudulent pronunciation – Metro

Wesley Naughty, To the influencer Diane Thandas And consultant Sabrina Brando Revealed Fraud in vaccine against Govt-19 As a way for the singer to perform in the United States and Mexico between October and November this year. All three received Johnson vaccine, Single dose, irregular.

For this, Safato’s former employee, Marcelo da Silva Mados, Known as Marcelo Tsela, Arranged for the receipt of the vaccine with an influential consultant in the health system. This information is from the Ministry of Public Works (MPCE) and in the order signed on September 30, in which Northeast Diary Had access.

The company reviewed data from the vaccination system, documents provided by the Department of Municipal Health (SMS) and tracking images of the mall where the vaccination took place.

An organized program for the trio’s immunization with the Johnson vaccine took place Immune biology is widely accepted In the two countries that booked Wesley Safato shows.

The singer and counselor were scheduled Points vaccinated with Astrazeneca July 8 this year – in the process of being approved by foreign regulatory agencies at that time. Diane Dandas is not planned Per day.

How the revelation happened

As a way of interfering with the vaccination process, Marcelo Cella called a consultant because he was aware of the “influence he had on the municipal health network in the city of Fortaleza” which was valued by advertisers. In addition to his involvement with the management of health departments in the capital, the consultant worked on the campaign of Safato’s former employee for the council of Fortaleza.

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Consultant a was contacted, as further ordered by the MPCE, to coordinate the vaccination process Regional III Vaccine Logistics Department Server – Where is the vaccination point. In turn, the singer agreed with a local employee responsible for getting all three on the scheduled day.

Vaccination day

Marcelo Chela went Northern Shopping Jockey On July 8, Wesley Safadio, along with Diane Dantas and Sabrina Brando, awaited the arrival of the consultant trio. Wesley and Tian waited in the car for the group’s signal Go to the vaccination post at the mall.

Marcelo Chela is seen on surveillance cameras in the mall going to the parking lot to look for the couple. During this time, Sabrina was referred to the Registration Department in the presence of the Superintendent of the Vaccine Post. Without going through screening and verifying documents. Wesley and Thien were obtained by counsel, as well as referring to obtaining immunizing agents without checking the documents.

Analysis of the details sent by the lawyers regarding the irregularities in the vaccination of the three

Reproduction / MPCE

In the order, prosecutors determined the notice of the trio and staff involved in the irregular immunization program, demanding pictures from the Police Organization Marking Approach (SPIA) of the Secretariat for Public Safety and Gear Social Social Security. Lawyers try to understand the trajectory of a particular vehicle at the time of vaccination.

Oh Northeast Diary Marcelo contacted Sela to get the singer’s former employee status regarding the analysis done by MPCE. The Municipal Health Department (SMS) also sought to explain the participation of the population in the routine immunization process of the trio. This article will be updated as soon as the answers are sent.

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Further searched, the singer said the security should reveal itself as soon as he approaches the MPCE’s order.

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