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The band performs dancing at Globo and turns around to promote Faustão after the competitor is banned

a Squad He had to find a way to announce the new program of Faustian Without the presence of the presenter. Because of the veto by Globe, a station to which the caller still has a link, the São Paulo channel is still unable to use his image.

number The best of the era current Thursday (23), The sexiest dancers, Katia Fonseca, welcomed Fausto Silva. She had a conversation with professionals and even learned choreography and floor dancing.

An afternoon show at the band’s show showed behind-the-scenes footage that revealed parts of the theater attraction and audience. “It would be nice if you could come home, Faustau, who is the orchestra. We look forward to your arrival.”And katia needle At the end of the afternoon.

Faustão left Globo in mid-June, when he signed a decision to dissolve it and was abruptly removed from Domingão. Even out of the air, The communicator remains “chained” to the Rio station Under contract until December 31, when the relationship ends.

Fausto Silva is scheduled to debut in Band on January 17. The communicator will occupy approximately two hours a day in peak viewing of the channel from Monday to Friday, in the range from 8:30 pm to 10:45 pm. The idea is that the program has a different appeal every day.

Neto surprised Faustau dancers

Show host Os Donos da Bola, Neto was surprised by presenting a performance to the dancers at the Fausto Silva attraction. During Sports at 13, he commented on the pros and showed off his dressing room.

With preparations for the new program in full swing, the dancers who will be part of the enthralling cast are already roaming the canal’s aisles. And everything points to that Girls don’t have a proper place to stay. Then the grandson decided to help.

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“Bring some chairs for the girls to sit there, damn it. Give them a little apple, give them a little juice”Lieutenant-Colonel released. “Not girls, right? For God’s sake…what is this? Velloso is the ‘eye of the tandera’. I walk straight, I don’t even look because it’s a barbarian”, Complete.

Neto decided to make the dressing room available to the Faustau dancers install themselves. “If you want to stay in my locker room, make yourself comfortable there. You can let her in my dressing room, the girls stay there.”, He said.

Give them water there, give them juice. There is rock salt, there is Nossa Senhora Aparecida, there is everything … there are shoes, there are biscuits, there is everything”The band’s presenter commented.

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