June 6, 2023

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The black box of the plane that crashed in China on Wednesday was found (23) |  World

The black box of the plane that crashed in China on Wednesday was found (23) | World

Rescuers search the Boeing 737-800 eastern crash site China Airlines On Wednesday (23) I found one of the black boxes of the plane. The information has now just been announced by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) and could point to the cause of the episode, on Monday (21) in the south of the country. The The crash, which fell vertically, continues to arouse the curiosity of experts.

The Chinese Civil Aviation Agency said the condition of the black box that was found is bad. Black box from MU5735 flight from China Eastern Airlines was found on March 23, but it was badly damaged, and we don’t yet know if it was the black box that recorded the conversations between the pilot and the control tower.”

The plane has two black boxes. One records flight data and the other records the dialogue between the cabin and the turret.

Video showing the moment a plane crashed in China

The plane, carrying 132 people, including nine crew, crashed in Guangxi, a mountainous region in southern India. China, after a mysterious vertical drop. No survivors were found in the search site. Officials said the condition of the plane, which crashed in the accident, is likely to greatly complicate investigations into the cause of the accident. The collision of the aircraft with the ground caused a fire in the area of ​​the crash.

The Civil Aviation Agency has not yet clarified whether there was any dialogue between the pilots and the communications tower prior to the accident. According to FlightRadar24, which monitors flights around the world, the plane lost contact with the towers while flying over the city of Wuzhou, also in the south of the country. The flight was between Kunming and Guangzhou, and there were no foreigners among the passengers and crew.

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Jean-Paul Troddick, former director of the French Bureau of Investigation and Aviation Safety Analysis, told AFP that FlightRadar24’s data was “extremely unusual”.

The plane’s trajectory shows that in the last moments before the fall there was a slight resumption of altitude. The video below shows the height and position of the aircraft in the moments before the final landing – there is no accurate data for the lower altitudes.

Animation showing the plane's path in China before it crashed

Animation showing the plane’s path in China before it crashed

The Boeing 737-800, It has been operating for six years and has a good flight safety record, also according to FlightRadar24. Boeing said it is gathering more information from local authorities to launch an investigation into the case. Chinese state media reported that the airline suspended flights with the same aircraft model.

Soldiers search the scene of a plane crash in Tengxian County, south China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Tuesday (22) – Photo: CCTV via AP Video