July 20, 2024

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The book was returned to the American Library 50 years late  The world

The book was returned to the American Library 50 years late The world

A public library United States Last week it announced the recall of a book that was 50 years late – and they hoped it would never be recovered.

A book for coin collectors published in 1967 – a copy of ‘The Coins You Can Collect’ – was presented with a humorous letter and a $ 20 bill to compensate for the five-decade delay.

“Fifty years ago (yes, 50!), In 1971 a little girl lent me to this library. [Massachusetts, nordeste americano]. At the time, children were not told about these things, “said the note, which was accompanied by a late book.

“As you can see, she took good care of me”, the book underwent many changes, but follows the letter emphasizing that “always with many other books”.

The sender said it did not come close to the estimated penalty of $ 20 (approximately R $ 60), but suggested investing the money to pay off some more late debts.

In an interview with the local newspaper “Voice of the Citizens”, library director Laura Keller said she followed the letter’s recommendation and released the debts to a young mother who wanted to repay the books with cash, but was delayed for a reason.

Under the Plymouth Public Library Policy, all loans will be terminated if penalties exceed $ 5.

Unsigned, the author of the letter is not identified – but the sender says his family and friends know who it is when they read it.

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