June 12, 2024

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The brothers are waiting for the angel's guide and they are surprised by the party

The brothers are waiting for the angel’s guide and they are surprised by the party

participants inBBB 22″ (TV Globo) is scattered around the interior of the house, while the outside area is closed off Maintenance of tonight’s party, which will have a show for Ferrugem. Thinking it was an angel audition montage, they put on tracksuits and waited for the dynamic while having a short chat.

They were surprised by a call to the pantry, where they found snacks, sandwiches and drinks, a traditional “warm-up” for program parties. “It’s a party,” said Slovenia, not knowing. “Worse than it is,” replied Week Leader Tiago Abravanel. All the brothers ran afterwards to enjoy the delicacies and talk about the rescheduling of the party, which usually takes place on Saturdays. Even with the food, they were still suspicious of the event.

Moreover, the Angel Test, which has been eagerly awaiting them, will take place on Saturday. Someone asked “Guys, what’s going on?” “They play with us all the time,” Arthur Aguiar commented. “The house standard is to spoil the participants,” they joked.

Minutes later, Tiago was called back to the storeroom, and even before the door opened, the participants celebrated with many hops and shouts the arrival of the party appearances.