May 19, 2024

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United States to crack down on illegal payments in cryptocurrencies, 'WSJ' - International Information

The United States has arrested a Russian man in connection with reports linking Trump to Moscow

The United States on Thursday announced the arrest of a former Russian spy who had leaked unconfirmed information linking Donald Trump to the Kremlin.

Igor Danchenko, 43, has been charged by the judiciary with perjury in front of a major arbitral tribunal, five times in 2017 for allegedly lying to former British intelligence officer MI6 officer Christopher Steele about “evidence of certain information he provided”. In the folder.

When asked Thursday, Tansenko, a former adviser on Russian affairs at the Brookings Institution Research Center, appeared before a Virginia state judge.

The cases against him are part of an investigation by Special Adviser John Durham, who was appointed to shed light on the origins and handling of the FBI’s “Russian investigation” after Donald Trump’s term ended.

Launched during the 2016 presidential campaign, investigations into possible alliances between Trump and Russia have been condemned by the former president as a “witch hunt” always planned by his opponents. Moreover, in his opinion, the “Steel Report” played a key role in this issue.

Christopher Steele, nominated by Democrats during the 2016 election campaign, compiled source and unverified information linking candidate Trump to Russia.

His statement, which turned out to be never-confirmed allegations and other misrepresentations, was published by news website Buzzfeed on January 20, 2017, 10 days before Trump took office.

The British spy had already sent a report to the FBI that took into account some of his information to track down Trump’s relatives. But the FBI’s investigation into the intelligence services’ intelligence has already begun.

In May 2017, the trial was handed over to Special Advocate Robert Mueller, who two years later concluded that there was ample evidence of Russian involvement in the 2016 campaign, but that there was no “sufficient evidence” of an agreement between Russia and Trump’s surroundings.

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