June 16, 2024

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The commission approves the PL which guarantees the health checks carried out by SUS

The commission approves the PL which guarantees the health checks carried out by SUS

the Bill 4924/20 It was approved on Monday (27/12) by the Chamber’s Committee on Work, Administration and Public Service. The text provides free health tests for candidates for public notice Public tender.

This procedure will target candidates who demonstrate low income and the required medical examinations can be performed in One Health System (SUS).

“Preparing for a general exam requires planning, time and investment from the candidates. However, in some cases, after the candidate passes the exam, he is faced with the values ​​of the medical exams necessary to keep it going, and realizes that he does not have the financial resources to pay for it, he risks losing all the investment”, he justified The author of the text, Paulo Bingtsson.

The approved text received three amendments, one of which is to ensure that the candidate remains in competition if any delay in results, unless tests are required at the TAF.

Medical evaluation in public competitions This is a mandatory stage in all competitions and is also a knockout.

The bill is being conclusively addressed and will remain analyzed by the Social Security and Family Committees; Constitution, justice and citizenship.

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Public Tender: Notices to those over 35 years old

Age can be a limiting factor for those wishing to enter public service by accepting public tenders throughout 2022 (2022 competitions).

This is because vacancies are mainly aimed at Police District Usually require a maximum age up to 35 years As for your competition, however, in this matter, you can check out opportunities for all ages.

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And they’re not just by any chance, they notice it Excellent salaries in the most diverse fields of activity. Check out all the opportunities here!

Resumption and publication of critical notices are already expected for 2022. More than 236,000 vacancies and at least 170 notices are already expected.

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