December 4, 2023

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Limeira hospitals have seen an increase in patients with flu-like symptoms this week

Limeira hospitals have seen an increase in patients with flu-like symptoms this week

The increase in cases of patients with symptoms of influenza in Limeira (SP) increased the demand for care and caused queues at hospitals on Monday (27). There has been an increase in visits to hospitals, emergency care units (UPA) and basic health units (UBS) in the city.

Despite the increase in demand for care, Limeira’s Ministry of Health reports that the municipality has not recorded any case of the H3N2 variant affecting the state of Rio de Janeiro so far. And although there are no recorded cases, the file is waiting for many vaccines for future immunization.

According to information released in a note from Santa Casa de Laimeira this afternoon, 96% of people waiting for care in a hospital emergency room are classified as “non-urgent” cases. Many of these patients come to the emergency room with flu-like symptoms in anticipation of getting tested for covid-19 or the new H3N2 influenza, said SUS emergency room supervising nurse, Ilian Marta. “Santa Casa only conducts checks in cases where the patient is admitted to the hospital,” the nurse said.

The increase in searches for help was also noted at the UPA at Parque Hipólito, which is open 24 hours a day. On Sunday (26) 153 consultations were conducted, from Monday until 17:00, 200 consultations have already been registered, most of them are patients with flu-like symptoms, many others were waiting in line for help. The Parque Hipolito Primary Health Unit also recorded an increase in the number of patients with viral symptoms.

In a statement, Medical’s Hapvida highlighted that there has been an increase in consultations related to influenza syndromes for both adults and children and that these consultations are not related to Covid-19. The company also provides its clients with remote consultations, which can be done via video, from anywhere, safely and easily.

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So far, there are five people at Laimira hospital suffering from severe acute respiratory syndrome.

The increasing number of people seeking medical care is not only felt in Limeira. According to the city health department, UPA Piracicamirim, on December 24, Christmas Eve, the number of people cared for in the unit was 291. This Sunday (26) and after the Christmas celebrations the number of people attending was 476, an increase of 63.6%, and most of them were suffering Flu-like symptoms as the main aggravating factor. This same situation occurs in the other urban consolidated areas of the city: Vila Cristina, Vila Sônia and Vila Rezende.

Although the symptoms are very similar, it is possible to tell the difference between seasonal influenza – which in some cases can be linked to influenza – and the Covid-19 virus, whose symptoms have changed with the emergence of new strains.

In influenza, symptoms are sudden fever, headache, dry cough, muscle and joint aches, malaise, sore throat and runny nose. In the case of influenza, symptoms are most severe after the first 48 hours and may include shortness of breath.

In Covid-19, symptoms are fever, persistent cough, runny nose, sneezing, headache and sore throat. In this case, the symptoms of the disease become more severe from the fifth or sixth day of infection.

The directive for everyone is to maintain a distance between people of at least one meter, cover their mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, and wash their hands immediately after contact with respiratory secretions, in addition to using a muzzle and alcohol-based hand sanitizer. In a gel, these measures are important for the prevention of influenza virus and against Covid-19.

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