June 21, 2024

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The Corinthians take legal action against abuse of power after the legate's declaration

The Corinthians take legal action against abuse of power after the legate’s declaration

Edenelson’s indictment against Rafael Ramos for racial slander continues to evolve. If the delegate in charge of the case decides to proceed with the investigation even after an inconclusive expert report, the Corinthians Promises to take action.

As for the Institute of General Forensic Medicine (IGP) in Rio Grande do Sul, it was not possible to determine what Rafael Ramos had said to Edenilson in the last match between Corinthians and. international. According to delegate Roberto Sahagov, there are sufficient elements to continue the investigation.

“The IGP report does not link the result to the police decision. So much so that we will finish understanding the investigation into the existence of an injury crime. There are sufficient indications that the crime of racial abuse has been practiced., ending the investigation.”, Roberto Sahagov told SBT.

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Daniel Bialsky, a Corinthians lawyer, responded to Gazeta Esportiva. “If the delegate intends, against comprehensive expert evidence, to indict Rafael, we will take appropriate legal measures, either to prevent this, or to investigate the abuse of power being exercised. Abuse will not be tolerated again,” he said, considering that the athlete’s arrest In Porto Alegre it has already been inflated.

The case occurred on May 14, when Corinthians and Internacional faced each other in Beira Rio, for the Brazilian Championship. Edinilson heard the word “monkey” said by Rafael Ramos and opened a police report against the Corinthians player.

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