July 20, 2024

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Flamingo and Vasco games have mistakes and falls

Flamingo and Vasco games have mistakes and falls

messages Round tour vs flamingo e Basque x boavistaThe games he’s playing today Carioca Championship, Fans angered by mistakes and cuts in flow Used by Faraj (Rio de Janeiro State Football Association).

Amid the flaws, the term “Volta Globo” reached the most talked about topic on Twitter tonight, in a sort of protest against the instability and partnerships the entity has signed.

Wrong scaling and low signal

The first misstep occurred in the Flamengo match, which started at 18:00 (Brazilian time). When viewing the Volta Redonda squad, the creator of the images placed two captains in the local team and changed the club’s coat of arms to Team Pango, another team participating in the tournament – in addition to the error, the broadcast stopped for a few seconds.

With the ball rolling, spectators were disappointed in the second half. At about 22 minutes, the transmission dropped and only resumed at 25.

Eight minutes later, more problems: this time, images of the stadium of Rawlino de Oliveira disappeared from the screen, and only the match remained with the voice of the narrator. The broadcast then chose to show some of the duel’s “best moments”.

The problem continued until the 40th minute and worsened, as the sound was also interrupted by the match – everything returned to normal only in injury time, which ended 0-0.

Vasco game is annoying too

The Vasco-Boavista match, which started at 21:00 (Brasilia time), also had confusion and disappointment.

Fans with Claro/Net subscriptions, for example, reported that they lost a portion of the first half because game images were not available for pay-per-view.

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There are also complaints about the quality of the sound that reaches subscribers’ electronic devices.

Faraj apologizes

Farag, the tournament organizer, issued a statement apologizing to the fans. In the text, the entity states that it has requested clarification from Sportsview, the company that generates match images.

“FERJ apologizes to fans for the signal drop at the Volta Redonda x Flamengo match and demands clarification from Sportsview, the company that contracted to broadcast the Carioca Championship, as well as an urgent quality improvement. More information soon.”

the UOL Esporte Approach Sportsview for a position on the defects and awaits a response. The note will be updated as soon as there is a response.

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