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The creator has been released before launch

The creator has been released before launch

creator sonic the hedgehogYuji Naka, that he has been removed from the position Balan Wonderworld Six months before the game was released. According to the game designer, a lawsuit against Square Enix It was recently closed, which put an end to the obstacles that existed since the problematic development of the title.

Naka broke the silence via a Twitter post, in which the profile owner detailed his complaint against the publisher and explained what happened just over a year after the game’s release. At the time, he was fired in mysterious circumstances, and revealed, three months after his dismissal, that he could not comment on the termination of the contractual agreement.

In a statement, Yuji Naka did not utter words to express his feelings and accused Squire of “not caring” about his fans or his projects. Furthermore, the developer claimed that it was the object of a “commercial order” driven by the use of an original composition and the joint involvement of Arzest Corporation studio.

Check out some excerpts from the note below:

Almost half a year before Balan Wonderworld was released, an order was issued to remove me from the role of Game Director. So I sued Square Enix in court. I would like to address the fact that the trial is over and the commercial order is no longer valid at this time.

The other thing is that court documents say that Oshima spoke to producer Fujimoto about what she said about Arzest delivering the game without fixing it, despite there being some glitches during development, and that my relationship with Arzest was ending due to my comments on improving the game.

I think the game is made with the quest to make it a good game until the end and I hope game fans will love it when they buy it. I find it strange to remove the manager who is commenting on the game and not allow him to participate, without consulting, because he does not have enough time.

In my opinion, it is a shame that we released Balan Wonderworld as an unfinished work of the world. I wanted to launch it into the world as an action game properly, with many things in mind. I think Square Enix and Arzest are two companies that don’t care about games and fans.

The Balan Wonderwold had a turbulent market arrival, with fewer than 2,100 copies sold in the week of release in Japan. Currently, the title fills the Note 51 in Metacritic (PS5).

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Learn more about Balan Wonderworld

Read below the description of Balan Wonderworld, taken from his official page at PS . Store:

Balan Wonderworld is a great action and platform game centered around the Balan theater. Led by a mysterious captain named Balan, Emma and Leo, the stars of the show will use special abilities that give them a slew of amazing costumes to set off on adventures through the strange and fantastical world of Wonderworld. Here, memories of the real world and landscapes mingle with the things that people relate to most.

What do you think of the situation? Do you think Square’s bad decisions hampered game development? Leave your opinion in the comments.