May 28, 2024

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The doctor says the lack of masks has allowed Govt cases to increase in the UK

The doctor says the lack of masks has allowed Govt cases to increase in the UK

One of the pioneers of the vaccine against Govt-19, The United Kingdom Today the disease is facing an outbreak of cases.

Despite counting more cases than France, Germany, Italy and Spain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson ruled out the possibility of a new lockout.

TO CNN, Imperial College London doctor Ricardo Petroco spoke about the British government’s decisions to control the epidemic.

“The return to default was done very quickly. The release of the use of masks and closed envelopes is a very advanced step for the government and has allowed it to increase the number of cases, ”he said.

For the doctor, the country needs new vaccination campaigns. “We know this is going to be an issue. The vaccine started very early in the UK and the population has already reached the end of the safety curve it provides and a third booster dose is now needed,” he said.

However, Petroco noted the fact that despite the increase in cases, the number of hospital admissions in the UK has not increased.

“This increase in the number of diseases should not create frustration because the increase in hospitals has not yet been observed and the number of deaths is in the same direction, around 100 to 200 per day,” he said.

Upon returning to school in the country, the debate over the safety of vaccinating children was an obstacle to the progress of vaccination. Petrogo defended the warning of the rulers.

“Vaccination of children is highly debatable. In the UK, 25 children died across the epidemic, most of them with serious illnesses, so the evidence for vaccine safety should be very strong,” the doctor said.

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