June 12, 2024

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After nine months in the US presidency, Biden is without a key player in government

After nine months in the US presidency, Biden is without a key player in government

President of the United States, Joe Biden, Is without a name to fill a key position in his cabinet: Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

Nine months after taking office, Democrats have not yet determined who will fill the position unknown to most Americans. Incredibly powerful part of the US federal government.

Sholanda Young He has been acting interim director since March. After the White House withdrew Nira Tandon’s candidacy For that role because he did not have enough support in the Senate. Tandon has been appointed White House staff secretary On Friday.

“When you are an alternative teacher, no matter how great you are as an educator, you are still less capable of achieving the full range of impact you really want,” said Max Steer, president of the Public Service Partnership. , Analogous to the current situation.

“Anyone who cares about what the government is doing should focus on running the OMB, and it is not enough just to be temporary,” he added.

The shortage of a permanent director is evident as Democrats seek to use the budget reconciliation process to implement the multi-trillion-dollar package to expand the country’s social security network — the centerpiece of Biden’s domestic agenda.

OMB oversees the development and implementation of all budgets and exerts significant influence on the President’s agenda.

Stearns described the OMB as “the nerve center of our government”, with various agencies and offices working together to address issues such as the Govt-19 epidemic, climate crisis and national security issues.

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In addition to budget development and implementation, the OMB reviews a variety of policies and regulations throughout the federal government.

Lisa Gilbert, vice president of Public Citizens, a non-profit consumer advocacy organization, noted that Young “certainly deserves to exercise power and even if he does deserve it, there is some weight and importance to getting the title.”

A White House official told CNN that “Young has been an incredibly talented OMB leader and plays a key role as part of the senior committee that executes the president’s economic agenda.”

“The administration and the budget office are in good hands under your leadership and will continue to play a fundamental and central role in the work of the government,” the source said.

In the coming weeks, the interim director will not be coming to the office to watch his daughter’s birth, an agency spokesman told CNN. Even if he disappears, he will continue in office and hand over day-to-day responsibilities to Deputy Managing Director Jason Miller.

After Tandon’s appointment failed, several Democrats in Capitol Hill pressed for Young’s top post, which Biden had nominated as deputy director.

In particular, the Black Caucus of Congress, like Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her entire House Democratic leadership, gathered behind her. The young went on She was the first black woman to serve as a Democrat director on the House allocation committee He received praise from Republican and Democratic members of Congress for his work in that role.

According to several government officials, he fit in well with Pitton’s longtime advisers. Many speculated that this was only a matter of time before he was nominated for the top post and confirmed by the Senate.

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However, the president was pressured to appoint an Asian-American to the post. Ethnic leaders have called on Pita to choose Nani Coloretti, a Filipino who served as Undersecretary for Housing and Urban Development during the Obama administration.

Many leaders of Asian descent are frustrated with the lack of representation in the cabinet. Tandon, of Indian descent, would have been the first Asian American woman to lead the OMB.

Anne Joseph O’Connell, a law professor at Stanford Law School, says incumbents generally have the same formal authority as a certified officer, but “current officers may have less practical power”.

“Because they are not guaranteed a specific position, they are not practically the same status, and this can have implications for those below them, depending on how members of Congress feel about them. But depending on their affiliation, they can also be important to the White House,” O’Connell told CNN. Said the place.

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