June 22, 2024

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The Enemy - Saints Row wins a video game showcasing the city, fighting and gangs

The Enemy – Saints Row wins a video game showcasing the city, fighting and gangs

After it was revealed in opening event Gamescom 2021Oh Restart Saints row Got a new video, this time showing more gameplay of the game itself.

Video, hosted by Brice Charles – The voice actress of the “official” version of Boss, the protagonist – gives more information about the main information of this new world, from his world, allies and gangs.

According to the developers at Studio Volition themselves, the decision to restart the franchise came after the team tried to continue – and go beyond – What games in the series were brought before, with great and increasingly crazy stories.

Therefore, the game has a more realistic aesthetic that seeks to restore elements Saints row original and Saints Row 2, but in a new context.

Upon restart, the player leads a new version of the gang, known as saints, which should take the criminal underworld of the city of Santo Eliso, which was mainly inspired by the southwestern region of the United States, especially in the states that have deserts or borders with Mexico, including California, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico.

Will / disclosure

In addition to the new version of Boss, the main characters of Saints Eli, an African American businessman. NinaMechanical pilot and escape pilot. And KevinA man dreams of becoming a chef on TV, and for some reason he’s always shirtless.

As for the rival gangs, the player from the establishment will face off Marshall, known for the latest technology and headquartered in Holy unharmed; leopards, known for being the heavy hitters on the city streets; and strangers idols, an anarchist group known for its antics and in great numbers.

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Despite the mixed reception (to say the least) from longtime fans of the franchise — the original trailer had 24,000 negative votes out of 16,000 positive votes — the folks at Volition declared that they shouldn’t “undo” the game.

… After all, Saints Row’s launch is close, and it is scheduled to arrive on February 25th in order to ComputerAnd PS4And PS5And Xbox One NS Xbox Series X | s.