July 25, 2024

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The F1 CEO says he is quiet about having a Turkish GP

The F1 CEO says he is quiet about having a Turkish GP

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The latest update from the UK government on countries with travel restrictions gives an account of Turkey’s transition. With a change coming into effect next Wednesday, the status quo for the 16th phase of the 2021 season Formula 1 Being a part of the amber list is no longer part of the red list, which imposes fewer restrictions. However, Brazil is still on the red list.

Turkish GPS But the race in Istanbul did not move forward in June, putting Turkey on the UK’s list of countries with the largest restrictions on travel, given the country’s situation due to the high number of cases and deaths related to Covit-19.

But the cancellation of the Singapore GP and the removal of the Japanese and Australian GPS from the calendar. Istanbul Park. Although Turkey is still on the red list of UK controls, the country has been confirmed as the 16th phase scheduled for October 8-10..

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Istanbul prepares to host Formula 1 in October (Photo: Scuderia Ferrari)

The United Kingdom has seven places in the top ten: Mercedes, Aston Martin, McLaren, Williams, HaasAlpine and Red Bull. Alfa Romeo, Switzerland and Ferrari and AlphaTauriIn Italy, there are no respective sites on British soil.

According to British government regulations, every traveler to a red list country must undergo a Covit-19 PCR test three days before departure for the UK, as well as register a hotel accommodation. Tests. Boarding will only be allowed if the test is negative.

Upon arrival in the United Kingdom, the government decides that a traveler from a country on the red list must be isolated for ten days in a hotel designated by the government if he gives a negative result. Travelers from countries on the amber list are not required to make mandatory isolation upon entry into the UK, only to be given a negative test result.

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As Turkey’s position changes from red to amber, Stefano Dominicali’s confidence in taking the race forward is complete. In an interview with the North American edition of the Motorsport website, the CEO and chairman of Formula 1 remained silent about the event.

“So far, everything is stable. So let’s hope there is no other situation that makes the scene more complicated. However, so far, it has been confirmed,” the Italian leader declared.

“We are monitoring the situation. We hope the situation improves. The only thing I know is that sales in Turkey are going well. That is good news,” Dominicali said.

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