September 28, 2023

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The first airport for flying cars opens in the United Kingdom - Época Negócios

The first airport for flying cars opens in the United Kingdom – Época Negócios

The first Verdiboard for flying cars opens in Coventry, England (Photo: Reproduction / Air-One)

Technology that guarantees performance Flying carsOr eVTOLs (Abbreviation for electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft in English), and is progressing further – it is beginning to invest in other sectors as well. With this, first “Verteboards”.

Expression (in English, vertport) Based on the departure model of these new aircraft. The first such development opened this week in Coventry, UK. Nickname Vertiport Air-OneThis includes cars and flying taxis and automated delivery drones, as well as other logistics operations, the portal said.

According to Ricky Chandu, founder of Urban-Airport, the company that built the site, the opening is an important step for urban aviation. “This is the beginning of a new transportation era, with no carbon emissions and no congestion within cities, which will make people healthier, happier and more connected,” he says.

Verteford delivery took 15 months from project sketch to opening. As far as the alley is concerned, this facility sets the world standard as the first airport for eVTOLs. He says there are many more releases and models with the growth of demand.

There are already plans to install Vertiboards in London, the West Midlands (UK) and Los Angeles (USA) and Australia, South Korea, France, Germany and Scandinavia.

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