May 22, 2024

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The former Russian businessman is found dead and the intelligence service must investigate

The former Russian businessman is found dead and the intelligence service must investigate

Ex-wife of Russian businessman Igor Isomestive, sentenced to life imprisonment for orchestrating murders, Ukrainian filmmaker Irina Izmeteeva, 52, was found dead on the sofa of her London apartment, worth £10 million (about R$75 million at current prices).

It was the woman’s friends who found her lifeless last Friday (12). And the English capital’s ambulance service confirmed to the Daily Mail that it went to the address with an ambulance and two doctors, but “unfortunately one person died on the spot.” So far, a possible cause of death of the director, known as Irina Ford, has not been revealed.

A mother of two daughters, she immigrated to the UK in 2007 and quickly entered British high society, having already taken part in events alongside Prince Harry. In the same year that she moved to the English capital, her ex-husband, who had previously served as a senator in Russia, was arrested by agents of the security service of her native country. In 2010, he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Igor Izmistev was a senator in Russia from 2001 to 2006, was associated with the oil sector and was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murders in 2010

Photo: Reproduction / Twitter

About four years ago, an activist in Russia directly asked President Vladimir Putin to pardon the convicted ex-businessman. He would have agreed, but he hasn’t put the promise into action to this day.

According to the Daily Mail, this scenario sparked calls for MI5, the British secret service, to investigate Irina’s death. The tabloid also reported other deaths and Attacks against Russians in the UK in recent years.

“I very much hope that the UK’s special services will investigate this case adequately and thoroughly, and perhaps one day we will find out what happened. […] In recent years, Irina Izmesteva has actively participated in a property dispute that I do not have the right to disclose. And at another turn of the conflict, she was found dead,” the Russian exile Yevgeny Chichvarkin lamented in an interview with international media.

Also, according to The Mirror, the unexpected death caused a surprise to those who knew Irina, who had an audiovisual production company in London. There are suspicions of poisoning and reports of feeling ill for a few days before her death, Miranda Mirianishvili, 49, who knows the filmmaker, wrote on social media: “She was coughing, they said. She took antibiotics and not she felt well a few days ago.”

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