June 23, 2024

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The Grizzlies regain a heroic comeback in the last quarter and defeat Timberwolves |  NBA

The Grizzlies regain a heroic comeback in the last quarter and defeat Timberwolves | NBA

The Memphis Grizzlies claimed their second win of the playoff series against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Ja Morant made a heroic comeback in the final quarter and won the match 104 to 95. The Grizzlies lost by 26 points in the second quarter, but they managed to strike back in the latter period of the match.

The Grizzlies run The Timberwolves – Photo: David Berding/Getty Images

The highlight of the match was Desmond Banny, with 26 points. The Grizzlies goalkeeper knew how to shine when the star of the team was a little further away. Ja Morant scored only 16 points and underperformed. However, Morant knew how to be decisive at the end of a match, and contributed to the win.

On the Wolverhampton side, the top scorer was D’Angelo Russell with 22 points. Karl-Anthony Towns also did not do well in the match, scoring only 8 points per game for the home team.

Series 2-1 for the Grizzlies. The next game will be in Minneapolis next Saturday.

The Grizzlies failed to impose themselves at any point in the game until the end of the first half. The team missed its main star Ja Morant, who scored only 5 points in the first two quarters of the match. The merits of a strong Minnesota defense and a home crowd walked on Gaa’s feet throughout the match.

The Memphis team had only 37% of shots from the field and nine turns in the first half. Minnesota, on the other hand, had 43% of usage and six blocks in the first leg of the game.

In the third quarter, nothing seemed to change the scenario of the match. Minnesota was still superior, scoring 32 points in one period. The match went to the last period where Wolverhampton won 83-67.

But everything changed in the last quarter. Memphis turned on turbo mode and scored 16 consecutive points in the fourth quarter and didn’t let Memphis score once. Ja Morant turned the game around near the final seven minutes of the game, leaving the score completely open.

From the moment Memphis took the lead, he never let go. With one minute and 17 seconds left, the Grizzlies are 10 points behind. At the end of the quarter, Memphis scored 37 in the last period, while Minnesota scored 12. The bottom line has a new points advantage for the Grizzlies: 104 to 95.