June 21, 2024

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Hamilton says buying Chelsea would be a big deal |  Formula 1

Hamilton says buying Chelsea would be a big deal | Formula 1

After revealing that he, along with Serena Williams, is an investor in one of Chelsea’s proposed acquisitions, Lewis Hamilton has spoken openly about the situation for the first time and was very excited about the possibility of acquiring part of the London club.

Chelsea is one of the greatest teams in the world. When I heard about the possibility, I was like, “Wow, this is a great opportunity to be a part of something great.” Sir Martin spoke to me on the phone and explained the team’s goals if they win the dispute, it was very exciting and completely in line with my values.

Lewis Hamilton ahead of the 2022 F1 Saudi Arabia Grand Prix kick-off – Photo: Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Hamilton is an investor in the consortium of Sir Martin Bruton, a British tycoon who was head of the country’s largest airline and led the sale of Liverpool, which is backed by a multinational investment firm. Sir Lewis has pledged an investment of £10 million.

The seven-time Formula 1 world champion, as an investor, will not have a voice to interfere in football decisions. Lewis, a self-proclaimed Arsenal fan, insisted there would be no problem buying a rival, even after rival Max Verstappen joked about the situation.

– I’ve been a football fan since I was a kid. I used to play on the university team every year as a kid and participated in many matches. When I was young, I wanted to fit in with the team and the kids cheered for different teams. I remember changing a few times and my sister punched me and said I had to support Arsenal, so I became a fan. But my uncle Terry is a Chelsea fan and I’ve played with him in a lot of Arsenal and Chelsea matches.

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Sir Lewis Hamilton added: “I can only dream of being part of a team, and for me that is the most exciting part of all.”

Serena Williams is also part of the show. The tennis player, who has won 23 Grand Slam titles in her career, a record for both men and women, spoke with Hamilton, he revealed.

– We had a conversation about it. I told her I would be participating and she was happy to be a part of it.

This weekend, Lewis Hamilton’s focus will shift away from Chelsea, who take to the field on Sunday at 10am against West Ham. The Briton is arguing at the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix, in Italy, at the same time. The Briton, currently fifth in the drivers’ standings, is struggling with a Mercedes and needs to fight for victory if he is to continue his dream of winning an eighth world title.

Emilia-Romagna GP – F1 2022 info and schedule – Photo: Infoesporte