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The iPod turned 20 years old: the device is still sold but 'forgotten' on Apple's website |  Technique

The iPod turned 20 years old: the device is still sold but ‘forgotten’ on Apple’s website | Technique

iPod, the audio and video player from An appleShe turns 20 this Saturday (23). The device represented a huge change in how people listened to music, but it no longer had the same appeal.

on apple fat online, The latest version of the iPod, released in 2019, costs up to 3,299 BRL (see prices at the end). However, the device page is “forgotten” and has less fame than products like the iPhone, iPad and Mac, which were updated this year.

While the newer models are shown at the top of the company’s website, the iPod appears only at the bottom of the page or for those searching for it in search engines.

The situation on the site seems to depict the iPod moment: in recent years, it has come to compete with cell phones with more storage and streaming services, which allow you to listen to music without having to store it.

Apple’s website highlights devices that have received updates recently, such as Mac, iPad and iPhone – Image: Reproduction

What are iPod models?

Within 20 years, the Apple device had several models, some intended to store more music and others, to be more compact. The device is divided into five main versions:

  • iPod classic: The most popular model received six generations and had 160 GB of storage in the last version released in 2007;
  • iPod mini: Released as a more compact version, it had two generations, the last of which was presented in 2005;
  • iPod nano: The device replaced the “mini” version, it has seven generations and the last one, released in 2012, has a 2.5-inch screen and 16 GB of storage;
  • iPod shuffle: The line had four generations, was the only one without a screen and, as the name suggests, played songs in random mode;
  • iPod touch: Launched in 2007, the line was the first with a touch screen, eliminating the need for a circular button.
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iPod shuffle in front of the iPad nano (red), iPod mini, and two iPod classics – Photo: Chris Harrison/Flickr

How were the first iPods?

The first generation of the iPod started with a small screen and a round button, which will become the brand of the line called “Classic” from 2007 onwards.

The model launched in 2001 had two storage options: 5 GB and 10 GB. to get an idea, The latest version of the player is up to 256 GB.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max has a 1TB version — 200 times what was available in the base model of the first iPod.

At first, iPod users needed a Mac, an Apple computer, to import music through iTunes, the music file manager the company created in January 2001.

The iPod (2nd generation) has maintained a very similar look to the original – Photo: Cartoons Plural/Unsplash

The option to import music via Windows only appeared in the second generation, through an alternative program called Musicmatch. Support was created in the third generation of 2003, when iTunes was given a release for Microsoft.

Also in 2003, users got the option to embed songs on their iPod by purchasing them from the iTunes Store, Apple’s online store where each track costs $0.99. The service was launched in Brazil only in 2011.

If the norm today was to use a streaming service to listen to as many songs as you like, at that time iTunes represented a major advance for users: from it, It is now possible to buy only one song, not a full artist CD.

In the fourth generation, from 2004, the iPod got a color screen and a new control button. At that point, the storage had reached 60GB. In the next version, in 2007, the device began to support videos, enlarged the screen and reached 80 GB of storage.

It was the sixth generation that adopted the term “classic”.The model is finished in aluminum and has 80GB, 120GB and 160GB versions. It was the last in its class, and for the next few years, the iPod had only “nano”, “shuffle” and “touch” versions.

How much does an iPod cost today?

Although less well known, the seventh generation iPod, the newer, is still sold in the Apple Store. The model can be purchased in six colors – grey, gold, silver, pink, blue and red – and in three storage options, at the following prices:

  • iPod touch (32 GB): 1,699 BRL
  • iPod touch (128 GB): R$2.499
  • iPod touch (256 GB): R$ 3,299

The latest iPod touch was released in 2019 – Photo: Apple

Apple notes that the iPod touch supports the App Store and the FaceTime and messaging apps. These services are performed over a Wi-Fi connection.

The seventh generation iPod touch has a 4-inch screen – Originally, it was two inches in size. The iPhone 13 Pro Max, Apple’s most advanced today, has a 6.7-inch screen.

Despite the difference, the cell phone is only 4 cm higher than the iPod still being sold. This is due to the thin bezels of the smartphone, which allow you to enlarge the screen without making the device much larger.

NS g 1 Apple wondered why the iPod lost space on its website and whether the company plans to release new generations of the device, but there was no going back until this report was published.