May 19, 2024

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The last patient with COVID was discharged from the disease reference hospital in Rio and left the unit |  Rio de Janeiro

The last patient with COVID was discharged from the disease reference hospital in Rio and left the unit | Rio de Janeiro

The last patient hospitalized with Covid is at Ronaldo Gasola Municipal Hospital, in Akari, in the northern district of Rio, had a high average on Monday (15). Mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes (PSD), the medical release was accompanied by Health Minister Daniel Soranz.

Adelino Gomez Silva Filho, 70, lives in Ilha de Governador and has 29 children. He has been hospitalized since August 20.

“I almost died, I survived, and I will leave. In a little while I will be home (…) Now I will find my children and go on my way,” he said.

“Everyone was by my side, otherwise I would have died (…) The hardest moment was the beginning. At first I was horrified. The doctors were very patient with me. I thank them with all my heart, because everything is working for them. They were really nice to me. I was supposed to go another way, but my dad in heaven wouldn’t let me.“Nor are they,” said the patient with the list of health professionals who attended him.

Take the opportunity to leave a message to the residents: “Get the vaccine. You have to get vaccinated, because if you don’t get the dose, you’ll go the other way, crazy.”

Adelino Gomez Silva Filho, 70, the only patient with Covid, leaves Ronaldo Gasola Hospital – Photo: Henrique Coelho / g1

Adelino, the only Covid patient from a disease reference hospital in Rio, is discharged from hospital – Photo: Engage/TV Globo

At the beginning of the epidemic, the unit was chosen to be the city’s reference in treating the disease. Since the beginning of the health crisis, this was the first time that zero hospitalizations had been conducted in the setting.

The hospital will accept patients with sequelae

Ronaldo Gasola Hospital – Photo: Reproduction / Globo TV

According to the special commission for Covid in the city of Rio, 37 people were hospitalized with illness at the beginning of noon on Monday (15).

At the end of September, Secretary Daniel Sorans stated that Ronaldo Gasola Hospital would once again receive patients with complications from Covid and victims of other diseases.

Ronaldo Gasola Hospital has 4,000 employees and they have all worked to fight Covid. The unit has 420 beds, 280 of which are in the intensive care unit. In 2021 alone, the hospital admitted 9,500 patients with Covid.

This Monday, the Republic Day holiday, there will be no vaccination against Covid-19 in Rio. Anyone who has received the second scheduled dose can be vaccinated on Saturday (13) and can also be vaccinated this Tuesday (16).

Vaccination returns on Tuesday, in the first dose, people over 12 years old, who have not yet been vaccinated, will be vaccinated. That will last until at least the end of November.