July 20, 2024

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The launch of resources for using WhatsApp Web without a mobile phone has begun

The launch of resources for using WhatsApp Web without a mobile phone has begun

The instant messaging platform, WhatsApp, has been using the resource through a computer (desktop) for a long time. However, he has begun to edit the post on a larger scale. Is this to get to Whatsapp computer hair, it will be necessary to turn off the cell phone. With the update of the resource, available to a part of the users, it will no longer be necessary.

Imagine you’re on a trip and the cell phone is unloaded, but if you have a laptop, for example, you’ll be able to access the messenger. The feature is gradually being released to WhatsApp Beta users, and used for testing. With this new feature, it will be possible to access WhatsApp on up to three different electronic devices.

Currently, to access WhatsApp Web, a cell phone must be available to the user when using it. The QR code is displayed on the computer screen where the user must approach the cell phone and read it.

This is possible because the messages come from the cell phone responsible for encryption This ensures the security of exchanged conversations and files. It seems that the goal of WhatsApp is to enable it to become a cross-platform tool.

However, for the first access, it will be necessary to perform the same QR code reading process. With it, the system will store the information in a format Up to four different computers. Another feature that will be required in user authentication is biometric, face or digital reading.

The feature is implemented slowly and it may take a little longer to reach all users. However, WhatsApp continues to make all the modifications so that everyone who uses the tool can access it.

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