October 1, 2023

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The mayor of Aguada says Luma Energy for additional troops

The Mayor of Aguada, Christian E. Cortes Feliciano, Who spent many days visiting the communities they reported to Electrical service failures, Demanded the right of management Luma Energy By additional regiments.

“I have been in constant contact with them for several days. They tell me they will send a brigade this morning, but are told there are no additional staff for other cases,” the mayor said. “We demand that Luma allocate more resources to deal with the breakdowns in our town. There are hundreds of families without basic electricity service. Therefore, drinking water service is affected in some communities. The lack of essential services such as bedridden patients, the elderly and families with children is inhumane. Immediate action must be taken. We demand that, ”he said. Cortes Feliciano Through written statements.

The mayor added that the municipality has provided Luma energy officials from the municipal police and emergency administration to assist in this process. “As an engineer, I understand the responsibility and care that needs to be taken with electrical connections, but what we see in communities without electricity is a situation we have never seen before. We are going to cooperate until the mayors allow us,” the mayor said, taking to the streets in recent days and informing citizens on social networks. .

The greatest concern of the citizens of Cortes Feliciano is that, as atmospheric events have not yet occurred, many dark spots have occurred. “What will happen to the storm, let alone a hurricane like Maria?” That was questioned by one of the citizens who attended the municipal working group last night.

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As Luma pointed out in a press release yesterday, the company is aware of power outages affecting communities across Puerto Rico and is working safely and strategically to regain power across the island, prioritizing breakdowns. Large and emergency situations.

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