May 21, 2024

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US raises travel alert to El Salvador 2nd level

The change in El Salvador’s security perspective is due to an update on a travel alert issued by the State Department. Level 3 to 2 went.

The U.S. government will stop asking its citizens to reconsider their trip to El Salvador, but will always recommend taking precautionary measures.

El Salvador’s security perspective is changing Update on travel alert For a country issued by the State Department. It went from 3rd level to 2nd. This indicates the moderate presence of COVID-19 in the country, according to the embassy’s Charge de Affairs Jean Manes.

To determine the travel alert, the United States takes into account a number of security-related factors in the country, and updates the alert when security conditions guarantee it is the only factor used for restructuring.

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The official communication of the US Diplomatic Representative in the country describes it as “a positive development for El Salvador and acknowledging its changes in the security environment.”

One of the major tasks of the State Department is to serve and protect the lives of American citizens abroad. Monitoring security conditions is a commitment to the safety of Americans traveling or living outside the United States. Travel warnings do not reflect the nature of bilateral relations with any country.

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Conditions in a country can change at any time.

The violence and explosion of Govt-19 was the cause of the earlier warning

In September 2020, the State Department released the most recent announcement of its citizenship imposed on El Salvador to date.

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The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said in a statement that it had warned of a travel review following the outbreak of COVID-19. It also called for greater caution in dealing with crime.

The announcement also highlights that violent crimes such as murder, assault, rape and armed robbery are common in El Salvador.

The United States makes its recommendations to travel to 60 countries, including Spain

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States has relaxed their recommendations for travel to the 60 countries considered to be at high risk of epidemics at this time, and has added a good portion of EU member states to this progress. Spain.

According to information provided by the CDC to the EF this Tuesday, these countries thus go from level 4 of the “highest” risk – for which it is recommended that Americans should never travel there, and only do so in cases of compulsory labor and vaccination – 3rd level of “high” risk At the level, it removes the recommendation not to go to these places, but continues to advise to do so as soon as the vaccine is given.

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Along with Spain, other EU countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Austria, Denmark, Poland, Hungary and Cyprus fall to 3rd place.

However, other EU countries such as Belgium, the Czech Republic or Sweden follow in 4th place.

Mexico, Ecuador and Honduras are in 3rd place, while most of the Latin American countries are in 4th place, with the exception of Peru and Guatemala.

On the other hand, there are improvements for another seventeen countries, leaving the 3rd group at “high” risk and moving to “moderate” 2. This group includes El Salvador or Barbados and Kenya, Equatorial Guinea or Angola