June 24, 2024

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The mayor said that Russia controls the city of Kherson

The mayor said that Russia controls the city of Kherson

Russian forces took control of the Ukrainian city of Kherson, on the second Wednesday, and this information was confirmed by the mayor of the city, Igor Kulekhaev, according to Reuters. Kherson is a strategic point between Crimea and southern Ukraine, where the Dnipro River flows into the Black Sea, and it will be the first important city to fall into the hands of Moscow.

Earlier, the Kremlin had already claimed that it had captured the city, which the Ukrainian government later denied.

Information about the death toll from the conflict remains contradictory. According to the United Nations Human Rights Office, 227 civilians were killed and 525 injured In Ukraine until midnight on the first of March.

This was reported by the State Emergency Service of Ukraine More than 2,000 Ukrainian civiliansAmong them are children and women, who were martyred since the beginning of the Russian invasion until this Wednesday, 2.

The building of the Kharkov National University was destroyed after the bombing

Photo: Reuters

The United Nations condemns the invasion

On Wednesday, the 2nd, the member states of the United Nations voted and agreed to Resolution condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. There were 141 votes in favor, five against, and 35 abstentions.

Brazil voted for the resolution and only five countries opposed it: Belarus, North Korea, Eritrea, Syria and Russia itself. China voted to abstain on the issue.

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