June 16, 2024

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The micron is "light" and no further measurements are required, says Boris Johnson

The micron is “light” and no further measurements are required, says Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, Said Monday (3) that no further action is needed in the UK to combat the தெளிவாகmicron variant, which is “clearly lighter” than previous forms of the corona virus.

“The path we are fully moving forward is to continue on the path we already have,” Johnson said. “Of course we’ve going to review some of the activities, but I think the combination of things we’ve doing right now is the right one,” he added.

One though Significant increase in the number of infections, Johnson has so far opposed the imposition of new restrictions in the UK, which is over 80% of the UK population.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have already imposed new measures governing their own rules.

Johnson said the pressure on hospitals will be “substantial” in the coming weeks, but that Ômicron is “clearly lighter” than previous variants and that the country is in a stronger position than it was at the onset of the epidemic.

The UK has “very, very high” vaccines, the Prime Minister said, and the country continues to improve its safety with its booster dose program.

“The vast majority of people in the intensive care unit have not been vaccinated and the vast majority – about 90% – have not received a booster dose.” Johnson said while visiting a vaccination center in Buckinghamshire, southeastern England.

The Prime Minister last month imposed a limited measure in the UK called “Plan B”, which would include the mandatory use of masks on public transport and shops, but he did not order restrictions on closing meetings or companies.

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The government on Sunday announced that school-age children in the UK will be required to wear safety masks when returning to school after the Christmas holidays.