July 19, 2024

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The ‘most sensible pub in the UK’ refuses to serve Heineken and many more

The ‘most sensible pub in the UK’ refuses to serve Heineken and many more

The Red Lion Bar in Bristol has been hailed by critics as “the most sensible pub in the UK”, with house managers no longer offering liquor of certain brands “for ethical reasons”, the British newspaper Metro reported.

Prohibited labels include Coca-Cola, Heineken, Bacardi and Thatcher’s cider, which are widely consumed on the Queen’s land.

In a post published on the Pub page on FacebookThe owners explain that the company that makes the Thatchers is affiliated with a community affiliated with the slave trader Edward Colston.

Inside the Pub The Red Lion in Bristol, England

Image: Reproduction / www.bristol247.com

According to them, the other brands mentioned have been accused of unethical marketing practices in other parts of the world, although they did not mention to the local press what they would all be. Members of The Red Lion reported in the “Daily Mail” that Coca-Cola was abusing water in Third World countries and that Heineken had bad practices in Africa.

They also banned Dysky Polish beer after Brewer was accused of being linked to the anti-LGBTQIA + movement.

Disgruntled customers criticized the home’s political stance. “If you can not get over a little slavery, the whole city of Bristol will be guilty. In the past,” James Maslan wrote in response to the Red Lion team.

Others mock the attempt to appear more “intelligent” and believe the move is the performance of business managers.

“We have taken what we consider to be an ethical position. It’s part of our existence. We are branded as ‘smart’ and all of those words were used as weapons, which made us feel very vulnerable,” said one of the owners, Lemmy, of the subway.

Outside the pub, band performances from the region take place - Reproduction / Facebook - Reproduction / Facebook

Outside the pub, band performances take place from the area

Image: Background / Facebook

Opposition groups called for a general boycott of Thatcher’s Sider last week in connection with his alleged involvement in the 2020 Bristol slave trade in the city. Last month, four people involved in the fight were released.

The Red Lion publicly supported a group called the Colston Four. “One of them actually drinks in our bubble, but that’s only part of the story. People like the other ciders we sell anyway!” Lemmy said.

The Red Lion Pub in Bristol, England - Disclosure - Disclosure

The Red Lion, a pub in Bristol, England

Image: Revelation

Despite various criticisms and attacks, not all customers have stopped supporting Pup.

“It’s fair that you take an ethical stand against these people. You have angered the worst kind of people on Facebook, so you get two options from me,” Kelly Marie Dixon commented.

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