May 19, 2024

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Deputado federal Leo Moraes

The MP criticizes STJ’s decision regarding health plans and talks about harming the population

In an interview with Jornal da Manhã, Léo Moraes (Podemos-RO) also criticized the regulatory agency and the price hike for health plans.

Mariana Oliveira / House of RepresentativesThe deputy said that the increase in plans will affect the pocket of the population

a We can resort Federal Court of Justice (STF) to suspend the change in health plan procedures. resolution Supreme Court of Justice (STJ) allowed operators not to pay for treatments located outside National Health Agency (ANS). In an interview with morning newspaperGive pan youththis Saturday, 9, MP Leo Moraes Pode-RO spoke on the subject, saying the damage from the decision is “indisputable” and that Congress is already working to create legislative action on the issue. “We have an undeniable loss. The National Congress has already created a working group so that we can appreciate the best law and the best legislative action to help people who need this service. At the STF, there will be a public hearing bringing together the scientific community, the academic community, the regulatory agency, and Congress,” Moraes said. .

The deputy later criticized the supervisory body, saying that it does not fulfill its mission and is working to harm the population. “Unlike other developed countries, the regulator in Brazil tends to harm the corporate population […] It does not fulfill its mission as a regulatory agency. Moraes also noted that during the pandemic, there has been no drop in values, even with fewer calls across health plans. “At the time of a pandemic, we had a sharp drop in calls from health plans, but they didn’t pass that on to the consumer or the patient. We didn’t have any drop in the time of the epidemic. But soon after, when things resume, a massive increase appears, Which directly affects the pockets of the population.”

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