June 12, 2024

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The new WhatsApp function promises to help the most perfect people

The new WhatsApp function promises to help the most perfect people

Many people try two, three, four times and even more before sending a voice message to a contact on The WhatsApp. Others are “careless” and instantly and convincedly send a voice to the world.

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Thinking of helping the first group, who have not yet decided, and The WhatsApp Launch the function that allows the user to listen to, delete and re-record an audio message before forwarding it to the recipient.

“They are not errors, they are exercises. Now you can preview your voice messages before clicking send,” Messenger sent in a post on Twitter. In addition, the company has also released a detailed explanation explaining the use of the new tool.

Learn how to listen to WhatsApp audio before sending

Check the following steps step by step:

  • open a one-on-one chat in the app;
  • Tap and slide the microphone icon up to start recording without having to tap on the audio option;
  • Then start talking about what will be sent;
  • After completion, tap on the stop icon;

  • Once done, go to the play icon to listen to the recording. You can also select the part of interest and play the audio from that point;
  • Finally, go to the send icon to send the audio or to the trash, if the intent is to delete the message.

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