May 30, 2024

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The objective of the PF is to transfer 1.5 million Brazilian riyals to tourism and vehicle companies

The Federal Police has identified the financial transactions of Smallmed Serviços Médicos e Hospitalares, which were investigated in the Curare operation, with a travel agency, a vehicle shipping company and a business management consulting firm.

The operation, which took place on July 30, investigates the repeated emergency hiring of companies to provide services in Cuiabá’s health district, in contravention of the Public Procurement Law. Political and corporate agents are accused of the crimes of criminal organization, active corruption, passive corruption, illegal hiring, irregular payment, and disruption of the bidding process.

In total, Smallmed received R$8 million from the administration of Mayor Emmanuel Pinheiro (MDB).

According to the Federal Police, the company transferred 642,000 Brazilian reals to the Eirel travel agency Desta Turismo, which is owned by Filmar José de Moraes.

It also transferred 467 thousand Brazilian reais to Stabilito e Stabilito Ltda, owned by businesswomen Maria do Carmo Nascimento and Rosana Martins Silva Stabilito.

In addition to 405 thousand Brazilian riyals for Paulo Roberto Accessoria Consult e Planiamento Ltd., which has two doctors as partners, Giuliano Vinicius Oliveira do Amaral and Paulo Christiana Alencar de Oliveira.

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PF noted that Paula Cristina Alencar de Oliveira and Vilmar José de Moraes, partner at Desta Turismo, have the same address as LV Serviços Médicos e Hospitalares.

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Distac Tourism - Delta Tourism

Facade of Desta Turismo, the brand name of the Destak Travel and Tourism Agency, located on Rua Barão de Melgaço, Cuiaba

According to the Federal Police, at the address, however, there is no medical services company, but the headquarters of the Pousada Baguari Pantanal, owned by Paulo Roberto Oliveira do Amaral, the father of Paola Cristina Alencar de Oliveira.

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PF highlighted that LV Serviços Médicos e Hospitalares was one of the companies that sent bids for a public tender by the City Council, where Hipermed Serviços Médicos Hospitalares SA was selected to manage the 20 ICU beds at the Municipal Hospital de Cuiaba.

Hipermed, in turn, transferred R$2.6 million, according to PF, to Smallmed, “causing strange moves because they are, in principle, competing companies in the same sector of hospital service provision.”


According to the Federal Police, the scheme was formed from two cores: business and administrative policy.

In addition to Smallmed and Hipermed, Ultramed Serviços Médicos Hospitalares is part of the company’s core, according to the Federal Police; Douglas Castro ME (VIP Medical Services); Medserv Medical and Hospital Services; Medserv Medical and Hospital Services; Ibrasc – Brazilian Institute of Santa Catarina.

According to the Federal Police, the business group received R$45 million from the municipality of Cuiabá, of which R$11 million was paid to Hypermed; R$10 million to Douglas Castro-ME; R$ 16 million to Ultramed and R$ 8 million to Smallmed.

The investigations found that all the companies were part of the same business group – and acted in the sense of “perpetuating” themselves in the provision of health services in Cuiabá.

In the political core, in agreement with the Federal Police, it was formed by the mayors of the municipality Celio Rodríguez da Silva [Saúde] and Alexandre Pilotto [interino de Gestão]Both were removed from office by the Federal Court.

The group will also consist of former Health Minister Luis Antonio Bosas de Carvalho, former Cuyabana Health Director Antonio Cato and servers Helen Cristina da Silva, Felipe de Medeiros Costa Franco and Mahajan Escobar Bueno Beltrao Cabral.

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Investigations show that they favored the alleged scheme by allowing companies to continue receiving them through emergency contracts.

the operation

Operation Curare 21 executed a search and seizure order in Cuiaba, Curitiba (PR) and Balneario Camborić (SC).

The precautionary measures of suspending administrative contracts and “compensation” payments, as well as suspending the exercise of public office, were also adhered to.

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