September 24, 2023

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The pilot of the plane carrying Marilia Mendonca is veiled in Brasilia;  'Wonderful person' says ex-wife |  Federal District

The pilot of the plane carrying Marilia Mendonca is veiled in Brasilia; ‘Wonderful person’ says ex-wife | Federal District

Giraldo was born in Floriano, Piaui, lived in the Federal District for 30 years and left behind a wife and three children. His ex-wife, Iuda Dias, 44, said the two were still close. “He deserves all the accolades in the world. He was an amazing person.”

The family’s initial plan was to cremate the body and transport the ashes to the pilot’s hometown. However, according to Yoda, plans have changed and he will be buried in the Campo da Esperanca cemetery in Asa Sul.

“His body will not be cremated anymore because the bureaucracy is too big. We had this intention to store the ashes in Floriano, with his father. But no longer the case, he will be buried here in Campo da Esperanca, near. And it will be. That way. Change plans,” he said. .

Also according to his ex-wife, Giraldo was passionate about his work. “I’d drop anything for a flight. He was so good, he’d bring in planes that are approved here.”

The plane’s co-pilot, Tarciso Pessoa Viana, 37, who also lived in DF, will be seen in the capital on Sunday.

Pilot Geraldo Medeiros Jr. and his eldest daughter Vitoria Medeiros, 19 – Photo: Social Network / Reproduction

After confirming the death of the pilot, his eldest daughter, Vitoria Medeiros, 19, Give a greeting on social networks. The young woman posted pictures with her father and wrote:

He said, “I love you forever. Rest in peace, Dad.”

The plane that crashed was a twin-engine Beech Aircraft, of PEC Táxi Aéreo, of Goiás, prefix PT-ONJ, with a six-passenger capacity. According to Anak, the plane is in normal condition and has permission to take an air taxi.

The Civil Police of Minas Gerais said it had sent forensic teams, investigators and delegates to the scene.

Marilia Mendonca dies

Marília Mendonça – Photo: clone

The singer’s press office confirmed the death of Marilia Mendonca.

“With great regret, we can confirm the death of singer Marília Mendonca, producer Henrique Ribeiro, uncle and advisor Abesele Silvera Dias Filho, pilot and co-pilot, whose names we will keep at this time. The plane took off from Goiânia with destination Caratinga (MG), where Marília will perform tonight ,” reported the singer’s press office.

The singer was veiled at a party at the Ginásio Goiânia Arena, in Goiânia (GO), on Saturday (6). Her uncle Abecile Silveira Dias Filho was also seen at the site.

Thousands of people take part in the wake of singer Marilia Mendonca, in Goiania

In the late afternoon, the two of them were buried in the Memorial Park Cemetery., also in the capital of Goiás, at a party dedicated to family and close friends.

Marília Mendonça songs swept Brazil with intense and romantic lyrics and melodies. She led a female transformation in the outback market, which imposed women as champions of a style that was almost exclusively male-dominated, from 2016 onwards, in the so-called “feminejo”.

She was born in Cristianopolis (GO) on July 22, 1995. Among her great successes, which made her one of the most listened to singers in the country, is the song “Infiel”, “Who’s Wrong?” and “I know it by heart.” Marilia leaves her son, Leo, who will turn his second year in December. Remember the path.

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