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The psychoanalyst says - 10/14/2021: "The lack of privileges pushes us into depression"

The psychoanalyst says – 10/14/2021: “The lack of privileges pushes us into depression”

turbulence worry NS depression increasingly common. Despite this, these two problems are still shrouded in myths and prejudices that hinder diagnosis and often prevent a person in need of treatment from seeking medical help or even seeking support from people in their social and family circle.

For Manuela Xavier, psychoanalyst and clinical psychologist, this insight ends up creating a stereotype of the individual who has suffered from this disease. She says, who participated in the second session of VivaBem Mental Health Week 2.

The specialist also stated that having a life of privilege – material goods and professional achievement, for example – does not prevent people from suffering from mental disorders and depression. He believes that “the lack of these privileges drives us towards that”.

The social context is important

During the session in which the previous player also participated football and SBT Cicinho commentator and moderator, psychiatrist and columnist live wellPsychoanalyst Jairo Boyer also talked about the attempt of some people to disqualify the person suffering from depression. “Depression is not sadness, it is not weakness, it is not the lack of God,” he said. “When someone says that, it is as if the person wants to justify that the problem is for the other person, but they are freeing themselves from it,” he says.

She also remembers that the social context is key to understanding the reasons why men end up suffering in silence and leading the order of addictions (such as alcohol) and suicides. “Depression has its sexual roots, too,” he says. “Men go neither to the doctor nor to the psychiatrist, and they are not taught to act on their feelings.” It is believed to be a “disease with social and political interference”.

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Judgments do not help improve

During the chat, the guests talked about how there is still a picture of what a depressed person must look like. But this can prevent the affected person from seeking help. “People think a depressed person stays in bed for 24 hours, without showering, and if they go to a party, they actually ask ‘Hey, was that at the party? “It’s as if someone who is depressed cannot leave the place. This reinforces the stereotype and is not about that, there are different answers,” said Manuela. [de cada pessoa]”He says.

If, on the one hand, this judgment ends up isolating the depressed person more, on the other hand, excess sympathy It is also not useful. “We have lost track,” the expert believes. “You don’t know what a person is going through [quando diz ‘eu sei o que você está sentindo]”, Believe.

For her, it is necessary to remember that enormous work is required to give the depressed person the meaning of things, but he will not be saved. “You two will walk together, and this person should know that they will be welcomed and not be judged or blamed for [pela situação]. “