July 20, 2024

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The public defender estimates that the tax role will overwhelm the SUS

The public defender estimates that the tax role will overwhelm the SUS

The new understanding will motivate users to abandon private plans, says Oleno Matos

General Defender Olino Matos evaluated this Sunday (12), during the Agenda da Semana programme, from FM ورقة paperthat the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice (STJ) regarding tax role – which promises to make an argument for health plans in presenting actions listed by the ANS (National Health Agency) – will overload the SUS (Sistema Único de Saúde).

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That’s because the new understanding will motivate users to give up private plans, in his opinion. “Often those with health insurance need to either use SUS, when they can, or take up the space of someone who needs it most and is unable to pay for health insurance,” he stated.

“This comprehensive list, as decided by STJ, represents a major setback for health, because it will collapse in the SUS. I understand that today the SUS is essential for every Brazilian, a great program, a world reference, but we know that the need is much greater than the capacity of the SUS,” pointed out.

“There are children who are undergoing treatment and who are definitely harmed, because from now on health plans will deny care,” he lamented, in the context of children with autism.

Olino Matos believes that the decision, which causes him to be “strange”, will be appealed to the Federal Supreme Court (STF). “I have no doubt that we are going to the STF and because it is a very important issue, there are 50 million families [que possuem plano de saúde]the STF must give a certain speed to the judgment of any appeal,” and the assessment. “There is a very big popular outcry about this.”

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The public defender expressed his regret that many health plans prompted law firms to file lawsuits that conflict with users’ rights, immediately after the ruling issued by the Special Court of STJ. On the other hand, he expressed his happiness that the National Congress is moving to fight the decision, by drafting dozens of bills.

Covid-19 cases on the rise

Regarding the increase in Covid-19 cases recorded across Brazil, Oleno Matos said the Roraima State Public Defender’s Office (DPE-RR) is following up on the matter. “We have been feeling this new wave for days. He indicated that we will forward the proposals to the state government and the municipalities to take the necessary measures, so that they are not surprised, while paying the necessary attention to what is happening.”

2022 elections

Olino Matos ended the interview with a message to voters for this year’s elections. “We have to think about the time to vote. I think we have to change the concept of the professional politician, see the syllabus, and interview the people who give their names, if they have the slightest knowledge of their presence in Parliament […]. Unfortunately, the vast majority of voters do not use this as a selection criterion. We are aware that the population in general talks a lot about politics, but when that approaches the election period, it is like the World Cup,” he said.

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