May 30, 2024

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The members of the Council approved the transfer of 2.150 million Brazilian riyals to the Nossa Senhora Aparecida Institute

The members of the Council approved the transfer of 2.150 million Brazilian riyals to the Nossa Senhora Aparecida Institute

Bill 044/2022 was approved on Monday afternoon (13), authorizing the municipal executive to transfer, as financial aid, to the Instituto Nusa Senhora Aparecida (INSA), in the amount of R$2,150.000.00 approved in an extraordinary session of the Umuarama City Council . INSA collaborators followed the session and were happy to agree.

The measure, which is being considered on an emergency basis, takes into account the recent ban on hospitalization by the health watchdog (on May 20), at the request of the Public Prosecution, which indicated that the hospital had been operating in hazardous operating conditions for more than six months. After the necessary adjustments, the hospital Services resumed on June 6.

“As a result, the emergency caused by the closure of the Nossa Senhora Aparecida Institute posed challenges to the hospital administration and the residents of Omwarama and the region who cannot rely on the services provided by the institution, as the nobility know. Without a doubt, health is a constitutionally protected right, as stipulated in Article 196 From the 1988 Federal Constitution: Health is a right of every individual and a duty of the State, guaranteed by social and economic policies aimed at reducing the risks of disease and other exacerbations and universal and equal access to procedures and services to promote, protect and heal”, highlighted Mayor Hermes Pimentel in a letter sent to the members of the Council.

According to the project, the amount received as financial assistance should be allocated exclusively to the cost of health services and to cover expenses for the acquisition of materials, medicines, medical fees, personnel expenses and social fees. The resource comes from the financial surplus calculated in the 2021 balance sheet.

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Luis Carlos Cortez Deniroson, Director-President, Instituto Nossa Senhora Aparecida, spoke to blessing about this subject. He said the chamber returned resources to the executive authority and the mayor asked council members to allocate these amounts to charitable foundations.

“We turned to the board members, as the institute is going through a complex phase. They have been sensitized, unanimously approved, and given this confidence to the institute. We will know how to use these resources for the benefit of the community,” he explained, adding that the use of funds will be monitored to ensure the smooth process.

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