June 21, 2024

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The Queen's health problem will cause Harry to return to England

The Queen’s health problem will cause Harry to return to England

This is no secret to readers Claudia Mirels Column What Queen Elizabeth II Should rest after the order of the doctors of the royal family. On the eve of the end of seven decades on the British throne, the king was reluctant to suspend the agenda currently represented by some senior royal families, such as his son and grandson. Princes Charles And William, respectively. Harry is the one who is forced to return to the center of the highest center of the monarchy. He is not currently a member of the Crown.

According to the Express newspaper on Thursday (4/11), Prince Harry will have to fulfill his royal duty, according to British standards. Remember the Duke of Sussex and his wife. Megan Markle, Resigned from their government posts in March 2020. By judgment, they did not belong to the British Crown. The couple left the UK to live in the US with their two children. Archie e Lilliput Diana.


Although Queen She had to stay overnight because she had some health problems and there was no evidence that she would leave the throne. However, some protections may be triggered to protect the crown Elizabeth Not very sick. Explained that under the rules, state councilors are appointed to perform most of the official functions of sovereignty. Express site in one article.

According to the newspaper, if the king is ill, the law determines that the council will include the sovereign’s wife and the next four persons in the line of heirs 21 years of age or older. Husband Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip died in April at the age of 99. Prince Charles was the first person to ascend the throne if the 95-year-old sovereign renounced or died. He was succeeded by William and his three children, George, Charlotte And Lewis, ages 8, 6 and 3, respectively.

Prince Harry and Megan Markle
Harry and Megan’s last royal family engagement in March 2020

Since all three children, George, Charlotte and Louise, are under the age of 21, the next four in the line of heirs to meet the requirements are Princes Charles, William, Harry and Andrew. Illustrated by Express, Lord of Sussex, must return to his native country and to government service in England to help his grandmother Queen Elizabeth if necessary. Another possibility is that the husband Megan Markle May be replaced by cousin, Princess Beatrice or stepmother, Camila Parker.

Charles and William serve as senior members of the royal family Andrew e Harry They no longer have the responsibilities of the British crown. As he no longer resides in the UK, the Duke of Sussex will not be able to fulfill that obligation if he is invited to do so, British constitutional expert Vernon Bocktonor clarified: “The non-UK citizenship adviser could not act, so Harry was excluded.

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Queen Elizabeth and Prince Harry
According to the media, the relationship between Harry and the Queen has been shaken

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