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The rooster scores 4-0 in Fortaleza and approaches the Copa de Brazil final

The rooster scores 4-0 in Fortaleza and approaches the Copa de Brazil final

A real walk on Wednesday (20). This can be translated as victory Atletico MG, 4-0, against Fortaleza, in the first leg of the semi-finals of the Copa del Rey. The more than 18,000 fans present at Gigante da Pampulha saw a very inspiring team that didn’t give Leão do Pici a chance.

With a flexible scoreboard, Galo practically secured a place in the decision of the national championship and went to Castelão, losing by up to 3 goals, who will remain in the final and will seek the second cup in the competition.

The two teams meet again next Wednesday (27), in Castellao. Before that, on Sunday (24), Gallo is back on the field and facing Cuiaba, in Belo Horizonte, in the 28th round of Brazil. In return, the team receives the tricolor Atlético – PR the day before.

In search of the 40th victory and the 100th goal of the season

In addition to seeking an advantage in the first match of the Copa del Rey semi-final, Atlético-MG entered the field with two more goals: In addition to winning 40 wins this season, the team led by coach Coca also pursued the 100th goal. .

Embezzlement in defense and attack

In the confrontation, the Atletico captain could not count on defender Nathan Silva, who had already participated in the Copa de Brazil on Atlético jo; With full-back Mariano, who has been handed over to the medical department, and with striker Diego Costa, who is still working on improving the physical side.

300 game review

Called up by Nathan Silva, defender River completed 300 games with Gallo. In two spells with Alvenegro, he was also effective in attack, scoring 29 goals. “Captain America” ​​comes in second place with the most goals in the club’s history.

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Who Has Worked Well: Kino Wirazchu

He swung a lot in the season, and the sporty striker had a special night at Mineirao. In addition to the traditional speed, he showed a lot of resources in creating offensive plays. The main goal, in a frustrating dribble into the opponent’s third goal, was scored by Hulk.

A kind of “engine” for the Atletico midfield, the Argentine midfielder, in addition to good control, was also important at the front. He even scored the fourth goal of the match.

First time

The duel at Gigante da Pampulha got very busy and Fortaleza appeared at first. The visiting team tried to establish itself, but the owners of the house, little by little, began to take charge of the actions.

Atletico-MG’s brilliant first move came from the feet of Matias Zaracho. After a nice throw from Réver, the Argentine controlled the ball and finished with poison, forcing goalkeeper Felipe Alves to send the ball into the corner.

Arana’s goal and the claim of Fortaleza

In the 18th minute, after Hulk fouled the edge of the area poorly and the Tricolor defense hit the ball, Guilherme Arana took a long kick and hit the stairs. The full-back reached Alvenegro’s 10th goal, in the 84 games he played, and the team’s 100th goal of the season.

However, Fortaleza players complained a lot about referee Braulio da Silva Machado, claiming that before Arana’s kick he blew the whistle, causing confusion in the defense. The complaint, however, did not change the decision.

The rooster expands with a scorer

Eight minutes after Atlético opened the scoreboard, it was his reflection and header to leave. His 4 jersey goal was his 30 with Gallo, in 300 games for the club. The average second-highest scorer in position in the club’s history is one goal in every ten matches.

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The structure, the structure, the structure!

To close the account in the first stage, he left Atlético-MG’s top scorer for this season as well. After a nice move by Keanu and a perfect pass by Zaracho, the seventh jersey inflated his head, the net and ran into the traditional celebration.

It turned out to be a picnic, my friend!

In the first minute of dribbling the ball in the second half, Matias Zaracho scored a great goal! Taking a rebound from outside the area, he saw goalkeeper Felipe Alves in front and, with a slap, covered him.


Capable of enjoying the luxury of pulling the pieces and giving the rhythm to Vargas, Savarino and their cohorts, Cuca also set the pace in the following minutes, right up to the final whistle of Bráulio Machado. Fortaleza stunned, he created very little and was not a problem for the owners of the house.

In the Mineirao stands, at every change, there was a barrage of applause. And so it was when the referee ended the “party”.

game sheet:
Athletics – MG 4 x 0 Fortaleza

Reason: Brazil Cup semi-finals go
Date: October 20, 2021 (Wednesday)
Time: 9:30 p.m. (Brazilia)
Venue: Mineirao Stadium in Belo Horizonte (MG)

Referee: Bráulio da Silva Machado (Fifa/SC) Assistants: Kleber Lucio Gil (Fifa/SC) and Henrique Neu Ribeiro (SC) VAR: Wagner Reway (Fifa/PB)

Goals: Arana in the 18th minute of the first half, River in the 26th minute and Hulk in the 41st minute for Atletico MJ. Zaracho, one minute into the second, for Gallo.

Yellow Card: Gayer (ATL); Jossa, Ederson, Pikachu (for)
Red Card:-

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ATHLETIC-MG: Iverson. Goga, River (Rabelo), Alonso and Arana; Allan, Yair, Zaracho & Nacho; Kino (Vargas) and Hulk (Sasha). Technician: Coca

Castle: Philip Alves; Daniel Geddes, Titi, Matthews Joss, Ederson; Pikachu, Felipe (Bruno Melo), Lucas Crispem and Matthew Vargas (Henriquez); Robson and Romarinho (Ronald). Technician: Vojvoda

Audience: 18,642 present
Income: 2,079,425.00 BRL