April 25, 2024

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The São Paulo Board of Directors abandons the meeting and leaves the decision on the future in the hands of Ceni |  Sao Paulo

The São Paulo Board of Directors abandons the meeting and leaves the decision on the future in the hands of Ceni | Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo Rogerio Ceni had a meeting scheduled for Tuesday afternoon to discuss the coach’s speech that sounded like a farewell, last second, but that didn’t happen.

The board analyzed that the cast’s replay with the coach on Tuesday was in good spirits and that it was not necessary to meet with Sean to talk about the future. According to people heard before Give, will leave the future direction in the hands of the former goalkeeper. In other words, if you want to leave, you will have to resign. His contract expires at the end of 2022 and stipulates a fine.

Just as the board of directors didn’t look for Ceni, neither did the coach go to the top to explain the speech that surprised everyone at Barra Funda.

Rogerio Ceni praises Sao Paulo’s performance against Juventus – Photo: Rubens Chiri / saopaulofc.net

Sao Paulo does not intend to change the technical order at this time and has the coach to start planning for 2022. A meeting is scheduled to start next season’s adjustment, inclusive, next Friday.

Rogerio Ceni even suggested some names and promoted youngsters from the youth categories in this latter part of the Brazilian championship.

The club has already made it clear to Ceni that there will be no major signings for next season. With a debt approaching R$700 million, São Paulo has no room for investment.

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In one response in an interview on Monday, Ceni cited “other clubs” who are also in financial crisis and have been able to strengthen themselves during the tournament.

– Of course, you are facing financial difficulties as we said, but we have other clubs with the same difficulties, they made great signings and were able to take their teams to unexpected places in the middle of the tournament.

The perspective is a recast in the tri-color squad, with some used players gone and the need to sell the highlights of the team, especially the club’s coached young athletes, such as Gabriel Sarah.

However, it is expected that the substitution will take place with boys or other players who are not very popular.

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Ceni has signed a contract with Sao Paulo until the end of 2022. If he decides to leave, there is a fine that has not been disclosed by the club.

Before a possible farewell, the coach will have another duel for the Brazilian championship, next Thursday, at 21:30, against América-MG. The team is still fighting for a place in the preliminary stage of the Libertadores.

Depending on the content of the conversation this Tuesday, the board is already anticipating a new meeting after the game against América-MG so that a final decision can be made.