September 24, 2023

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The United States says China must adhere to the zero-govt policy by 2023

The United States says China must adhere to the zero-govt policy by 2023

US Ambassador to Asia encourages investment

Vin Ambassador United States At ChinaNicholas Burns, said Thursday (June 16, 2022) Beijing To maintain the principle of Govt zero Until the first few months of 2023. He encouraged US and European investment in the Asian country. Information from Bloomberg.

Burns his “Honest guess“Based on what the Chinese government is signaling about the continuation of the Zero Govt policy. He declared that China is on the rise.RudeAnd it is difficult to understand how Beijing will handle the economic problem.

From the results I read and the conversations we had with many of the business leaders here, I think I was reluctant to invest (…) until the end.“, He said.

Burns said China is sending mixed signals about whether it will continue to suppress certain sectors, such as technology.

According to him, The Disabling Inside Shanghai -China’s main trading center – Many American businessmen were forced to flee the country. At one point, Burns said 80 staff at the Shanghai embassy and consulate were helping Americans 24 hours a day.Anyone who wants to go out, needs food and water, needs medical help”.

Shanghai Stayed for almost 2 months Inside Disabling In 2022. The results of the isolation measures were announced from June 1 to May 31. But on June 9 the government Decided to close 7 districts City after 4 symptom cases were registered Govit-19. Officers Determined All residents of 15 of the 16 districts Do One PCR test per week until July 31st.

Other Chinese cities, such as Beijing, also spent time Disabling. Government of the capital on Thursday Declared a winner The new eruption of Govt-19, released in June.

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“After 8 days of fierce fighting and the efforts of Beijing residents in the war, swift and decisive action has shown their effect”City government spokeswoman Xu Heijian told reporters.