May 24, 2024

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The UK confirms compulsory vaccination for health care providers

The British government today (9) announced a mandatory vaccination against Covid-19 for all health professionals in the National Health Service (NHS).
The move was formalized by British Health Minister Sajid Javed, who noted that the unprecedented move in the country was valid in the UK and that from April 1, it would target everyone working in the front line of the population. Penalty for suspension or transfer.
“I have decided that everyone who works in the NHS should be vaccinated,” Javid told the British Parliament.
Mandatory vaccination, however, does not affect specialists who do not have direct contact with patients or who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons.
The country estimates that most health workers are vaccinated, but between 80,000 and 100,000 employees do not receive the anti-Govt vaccine.
Currently, among doctors, nurses and other health professionals in the UK, “about 90% of NHS staff have already received two doses”, although in some hospitals this number has dropped to “almost 80%”.
According to Javid, the decision was made after consultations with the Conservative government on a wide range of health facilities, unions and businesses in recent months.
“I have carefully considered all the perspectives and the data shows how vaccines contribute to the safety of the population and have already saved countless human lives,” he said.
Also, the UK Minister has called on all staff working in all nursing homes in the UK to be fully vaccinated against the new corona virus next Thursday (11).