December 5, 2023

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The UK is considering banning crossbred cats after a social media success

The UK is considering banning crossbred cats after a social media success

TheCrossbreds – crossbreeding between domestic cats and some types of wildcats – may be banned in the UK. According to the British newspaper The Guardian, social networks have contributed to the popularization of the species, endangering animal welfare and increasing the black market for wildlife.

According to UK government sources, citing the release, Animal Welfare Regulations 2018 – which currently does not regulate feline breeds – could be reviewed and “considered necessary to introduce breeder licenses for cats.” Including restrictions on the breeding of certain types of cats.

In the eyes of enthusiasts, keeping a wildcat requires “complex requirements” that most domestic cat owners cannot meet, and increased demand is driving some animal breeders back to wildlife abduction.

“Emergency legal action to outlaw this hybrid practice will prevent the suffering of animals involved in the illegal trade and mitigate future threats to wild cat species,” said a source at the Wildhard Animal Sanctuary. Rescue of exotic animals. “We see firsthand the physical and psychological damage done to animals by human hands.”

About two weeks ago, British club West Ham player Kurt Zuma made headlines around the world for attacking his Bengal hybrid cat.

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