May 26, 2024

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UK won’t consider returning to EU if Labor comes to power, says leader – International

Britain’s opposition leader Keir Starmer said on Monday that Britain has no plans to rejoin the European Union (EU) if his Labor party comes to power.

He questioned whether the UK’s exit from the European Union would be a “formula for more divisions” and said in a speech he set out Labour’s ideas to “make Brexit work”.

“(Government) Under Labour, the UK will not return to the EU. We will not join the single market. We will not participate in the customs union,” he told the Center for European Reform think tank.

More moderate and idiosyncratic than his predecessor Jeremy Corbyn, Keir Starmer spent three years in charge of Brexit, using his legal experience.

While he supported a second referendum, Starmer has rarely raised the issue of Brexit since he was elected party leader two years ago.

“If you focus on past conflicts, you cannot progress, grow as a country, change or regain the faith of those who have lost faith in politics,” the Labor leader said.

A recent poll conducted by the YouGov Institute found that 54% of Britons believe that leaving the EU has not been a success, and 61% of respondents think that the government’s handling of Brexit is poor.

Earlier on ITV, Keir Starmer accused Prime Minister Boris Johnson of “using Brexit to stir up old divisions”.

With Johnson and the Conservatives embroiled in various scandals, Labor has risen in popularity this year.

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