July 19, 2024

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The US, EU and UK are forming a team to help document Ukraine’s war crimes

The US, EU and UK are forming a team to help document Ukraine’s war crimes

The United States, the European Union and the United Kingdom announced on Wednesday that they had set up a joint mechanism to help Ukrainian authorities document alleged war crimes committed by Russia.

The purpose of the Atrocities Crimes Advisory Council (ACA) is to “support the war crimes units of the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine (OPG) in their investigation and prosecution of cases related to conflict,” the group of countries said in a statement. Notice. Demonstration.

“In the context of Russia’s ongoing war of aggression against Ukraine, the ACA will strengthen the continued efforts of the European Union, the United States and the United Kingdom to increase accountability for atrocities,” he said.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said the mission would support OPG’s efforts to “document, protect and analyze evidence of war crimes and other atrocities committed by members of Russian forces in Ukraine with the intent to prosecute.”

“The ACA is a key element of America’s commitment to holding those responsible accountable for such crimes,” he added.

British Foreign Secretary Lis Truss has vowed to ensure that those responsible for the atrocities in Ukraine are held accountable.

“The UK has already made a clear commitment to support Ukraine in its investigations into Ukraine, including sending war crimes experts to the region and releasing additional funds to assist the ICC (International Criminal Court) investigation. This historic effort with our allies in the United States and the EU will do justice,” he said.

Last week, the ICC sent a 42-member team to investigate alleged war crimes in Ukraine.