June 24, 2024

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The US Supreme Court has upheld an electoral map challenged by Democrats

The US Supreme Court has upheld an electoral map challenged by Democrats

Party accuses Republicans of racially dividing South Carolina voters in favor of white politicians

This Thursday (May 23, 2024), the US Supreme Court decided to uphold the use of South Carolina’s electoral map.

According to President Joe Biden’s party, the map disadvantages black voters to the benefit of Republican candidates. The 6-3 decision once again reinforces the divide between conservatives and liberals on the US Supreme Court. Here it is completeness Conclusion (PDF – 1 MB, in English).

The Republican-controlled South Carolina House has been accused of dividing voters by race to consolidate a Republican majority, which is considered unconstitutional under the 14th Amendment to the nation’s constitution.

With the outcome of the last instance, the case returns to state court. In the 1st instance, A A 3-judge federal panel characterized the map as a clear illustration “Racism”, particularly in Charleston, black communities were allegedly segregated to create a Republican-friendly district. Then, the committee asked for a new map design.

“Gerrymandering” The name given to changes in the geographical boundaries of electoral districts to divide up part of the population and increase the influence of others.

If the map holds, Rep. Nancy Mays (R) will gain momentum in the race for re-election to the US House of Representatives. He is a member of the Lower House for South Carolina’s 1st District, which includes the city of Charleston.

His re-election will help the party retain its slim majority in the chamber. Currently, there are 217 Republicans and 213 Democrats. 5 more seats are vacant. 435 constituencies will go to polls on November 5.

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