June 21, 2024

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Visitando Sr. Green (Foto: Alê Catan)

“The Visit of Mr. Green”, in the 2021 season of the “Stage Instituto Unimed-BH em Casa”

In honor of the unforgettable Sergio Mamberti, the 2021 season of the Palco Instituto Unimed-BH em Casa project shows the hugely successful “Mr. Green’s Visit”. A chance to relive one of the greatest works of this actor on stage, who was (and always will be) one of the biggest names in Brazilian theater, television and cinema. The production will be shown free of charge on November 4 (Thursday), at 8:30 pm, on the Youtube channels of Sesc in Minas, Teatro Claro Rio, Polop Prudicao and on channel 500 of Claro TV.

Carlos Mamberti, son of Sergio Mamberti and the show’s production director, talks about honoring his father and the importance of editing to his immortality. “Mr. Green’s visit is a very important topic. It is a play that talks about religious tolerance and identity. Today, the script is more modern than it was when it was written. It is a pleasure to see my father on stage with such a character who was so important to him. This show needs to be Another great actor and will re-enact it, as it was before my father and Paulo Utran. Besides, it’s a fun and at the same time powerful piece.”

Scripted by Jeff Barone, with Sergio Mamberti and Riccardo Gilli, on the cast, and directed by Cassio Scapin, it tells of a small traffic accident on the streets of New York that, nearly ran over, ended up bringing Mr. Green together. , a lonely elderly orthodox Jew, and Ross Gardner, a 29-year-old young executive who, thanks to Judge Krueger, was charged with negligent driving and convicted of the accident. The penalty is that Ross Gardner must do community service with the victim once a week for the next six months.

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The play takes place in Mr. Green’s old apartment, usually New York, crammed among other things with countless editions of unused telephone directories, scattered newspapers, piles of correspondence and a bouquet of dried flowers. Everything seems to have been acquired in the 1950s and has not been touched since. The legal circumstance that involuntarily brought them together involves the two of them in unusual situations, with traces of humor and deep emotion.

Gradually revealing their respective personalities, their accomplishments and frustrations end up being the central plot of the play through Jeff Barron’s rich narrative and provocative dialogues. They also brilliantly depict the finest aspects of Jewish culture, as well as the meetings and quarrels of two residents of a city like New York.

The result of this story was stimulating and provocative, surprising viewers with the originality of situations and the opportunity for the audience to make a high-quality and touching, unforgettable performances.

The exhibition at “Stage Instituto Unimed-BH em Casa” includes pound translation and audio description to ensure accessibility for people with hearing and visual impairments. As in other performances promoted by the project, in this broadcast, the audience can make a donation to Mesa Brasil Sesc (by QR Code), for the benefit of theater professionals, associated with Sated MG, who are still unable to fully exercise their functions due to the pandemic. COVID-19.

data sheet

author: Jeff Barron Translator: Rachel Ribbani List: Sergio Mamberti and Riccardo Gili direction: Casio Scapin co-director: Ando Camargo costume: Fabio Namatami a light: Wagner Freire Audio recording: Daniel Maya props: Nilton Araujo Photography: Ali Kattan Visual programming: Marcelo – Studio Cordero Bugari Video: Leandro Godino Executive production: Daniel Palmira production assistant: Ole Alcantara Production direction: Carlos Mamberti

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classification: 14 years | Period: 90 minutes.

Unimed-BH’s Home Stage” – Season Two

show visit of Mr. Green, November 4 (Thursday) at 8:30 pm.

Free | Exhibition Through the Youtube channels of Sesc in Minas (SescemMinasGerais), Teatro Claro Rio (TeatroClaroRio) and Pólobh (Producer of Polobh), and by Channel 500 of Claro TV.