May 30, 2024

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The website says E3 2022 will be all digital again

The website says E3 2022 will be all digital again

2022 version of Electronic Entertainment Expo, dear e 3It will be completely digital. The reason, as you can imagine, is pandemic. With cases increasing in the United States due to the Omicron variant, the organization decided not to conduct a face-to-face release.

“Due to the current health risks from COVID-19 and the potential impact on the safety of exhibitors and visitors, E3 will not have an in-person release in 2022.”The ESA, which is responsible for regulating E3, told the site VentureBeat. “However, we are excited about the future of E3 and can’t wait to share more details.”

There is no way to confirm whether the website in question has actually received a statement from the European Space Agency (ESA), which is responsible for organizing the event. However, we are talking about a site that has a certain tradition in the market, so it is very likely that this will be the case, yes. Moreover, it is a fact that the situation in the United States is much worse than it could be.

E3’s new vision comes after a series of crises and questions regarding the importance and validity of the exhibition these days, especially after the departure of publishing houses such as electronic arts e Activision from the main event, preferring to create alternative spaces and events during the period.

Even before the 2020 release was canceled, it was Sony It’s already been announced that he won’t be a part of E3 for that year, preferring to make their own advertisements and events.

Jeff Kelly, presenter and organizer of The Game Awards, also ended his partnership with the European Space Agency, using the pandemic to create the event. summer fest game, between May and August, and the closing of the European exhibition Gamescom.

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Will E3 go back to the old format? Maybe, but it won’t be this year.