June 23, 2024

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There is a shortage of 100,000 drivers in the UK

There is a shortage of 100,000 drivers in the UK

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Young apathy combined with the effects of the epidemic and Brexit increased the shortage of truck drivers

There is no doubt that the shortage of truck drivers has truly become a global problem. In the UK, for example, the latest data from the Road Village Association (RHA) reveal a shortage of about 100,000 experts.

Among the factors that have significantly increased the shortage of drivers are the senility of the current professionals (average age 55) and the lack of interest in working among young people, which stands apart from the Govt-19 (corona virus) epidemic. , In conjunction with the departure from the European Union (BREXIT).

“The main reasons for the shortage are always centered on the fact that employees are aging,” said Vicky Woodfine, DWF’s head of road transport and logistics at the Legal and Business Services Committee. “This is not a role that encourages or appeals to a sufficient number of young employees entering the market. This problem was then exacerbated by Brexit.”

According to the RHA, new professionals need at least 18 months of intensive training to make up for the current shortage of drivers.

The impact of the shortage of truck drivers is already reflected in the economy. According to a recent BBC Network report, British carriers are already warning customers that they cannot guarantee all collections and deliveries. Entrepreneurs working in agribusiness, civil construction and retail also report difficulties in meeting the delivery deadline.

Measures to attract new experts

Aware of this worrying situation, the British government is looking for solutions to reduce the impact of the driver shortage. Until October this year, the government had flexed the working hours of drivers and increased the daily driving time from 9 to 11 hours.

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Despite the prolongation of the delivery time, this measure is not well respected by businesses and transporters as it increases the risk of accident. On the other hand, the department protects the flexibility of the rules for entry of foreign drivers with temporary work visas.

According to the Road Village Association, attracting new professionals is possible only through a combination of short- and long-term operations, such as improving the treatment of truck drivers for load drivers and unloading sites, training new drivers, developing internship programs for young drivers, and counting driving tests to train professional drivers. , Other efforts, with high appreciation of entrepreneurs through better pay and offers.